May 22, 2014

I have been a bit hesitant on getting another electronic powered sex toy. Since the A10 Cyclone and the A10 Piston reviews I have been trying to stay away from these types of toys. It seems to be that the frustration level always outweighs the pleasure so what's the point of looking anymore? When I first saw the Zini Dib of course my interest was peaked. Even though, I came into this review with reserved feelings and a smudged slate. However, maybe it was the memory of the previous train wrecks that made me fall in love with this toy. Or maybe it's simply because it's that amazing.
Sensation & Feeling: 4.3/5
The Zini Dib fell into all the right spots for me when it comes to  the "One" electronic toy to rule over them all. The inner cup is simple, but still accomplishes a ton. The one thing that surprised the hell out of me was the immense amount of suction this toy has once you are inserted. It tends to decrease once the lube moves around, but it's still a pretty nice sensation that you weren't necessarily looking for. With its built in suction base you can actually use this toy hands free. I have always said that if you can find a way to remove your hands from the equation you will feel the toy more. Appreciate it for what it is more so than if you had to use your hand to operate it. That's why I love the Meiki Plush Doll and the Fleshlight Shower Mount. They are simply tools to help you enjoy the toy to it's fullest potential. The Zini Dib does just that. Now granted, I did have a little trouble initially with the suction cup. You will need a flat dry surface. Like completely flat. No textured wood or what have you. I found that the laminate counter tops in my bathroom worked the best, but keep this baby away from water, it's not waterproof!!! Once you get it though it's lights out and knee buckling. So please for the love of all things holy be careful and mindful of your surroundings! The Zini Dib comes with 5 speeds and 10 rotational functions. So no matter what you are looking for, you may just find it. I found myself frantically cycling through the functions trying to find a fave before I succumbed to its magic. It's that good. For something that doesn't appear to have a lot of sensation to offer, it sure does surprise. It's like a psychotic blow job and hand job all rolled into one. Once you get the movement going and the lube evenly spread through out the toy things tend to calm down and you will settle in. If things get too nuts, push the handy dandy "pause" button and take a breather. Then simply hit the button again and resume where you left off. What I didn't mention in the video review is that this method could in a way help increase your stamina in the bedroom. By bringing yourself close to climaxing and then stopping the toy via the pause button. Then starting it again and allow your self to build back up to that breaking point. I know it's an out there concept, but with all the other stamina training toys out there, wouldn't you agree that this one might have an advantage. I could seriously go on for an hour about this toy and how surprised I was with the sensations it provides. I have to stop and wonder if it's not because of all the other electronic powered toys I have reviewed before the Zini that is swaying my decision. Give me a sec....Nope. This thing is just that much the shit!
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.5 /5
What a few of you reading this probably have never seen is a review I did recently on a robotic blow job toy. Now, this toy my beloved readers was a nightmare to clean. Simply because it's inner sleeve could not be removed in order to clean it. Nor could you get water anywhere near it. This basically rendered the toy useless. So needless to say I was floored when I was able to tear the Zini Dib apart piece by piece easily in order to clean it. I simply unfastened the inner cup from the toy, rinsed with warm water, sprayed some anti-bacterial toy cleaner inside and let set, then washed it out with water once more. The only thing I could see that slightly hurt the score was that as of right now I am unsure if the Zini Dib has any plans to sell replacement cups. Now, I tugged on this thing like crazy to give it a stress test and it did not rip or tear. Keep in mind your results may vary, but I found the inner cup remarkably durable. Even so, I would love toy see Zini offer up replacement cups. Or even freaking better, different style cups. Much like what you will find in the A10 Cyclone line up. That would be like Christmas to me!!! Other than that the discreet design of the toy can be left out while charging. It takes (and I am merely guessing from my own personal experience here, don't kill me if I am wrong) about two hours to fully charge. The design is so sleek and stylish that I feel that your friends or loved ones will never guess that the pill looking device on your nightstand is a place to park your cock when you're in the mood. If worse comes to worst and they get too nosy, tell 'em its the new Beats by Dre wireless speaker. That will shut em up. Nosy bastards.
Price & Performance: 4.7/5
Based on other rotor style masturbators out there to date, the Zini Dib is the ruler of them all! Hands down. I will seriously fight you over this point! The Zini Dib Bang Bang is $149.95. Compare that to the A10 Cyclone set at $179.95 and you have a full blown war on your hands. They all have their pluses and minuses, so let me stay the course and let you read where the Zini triumphs over the A10 Cyclone. Unlike the A10 you will never need batteries again. It's rechargeable. The inner cups in my opinion are more durable then the A10 Cyclone. I haven't noticed any motor struggle with the Zini while using the toy like I did with the A10. Yet. Remember I said yet. Other users may have different experiences. The controls are built into the toy and not on a separate controller. It's hands free, kind of. Just make sure you have a really...really...really flat surface. Now, I am not trying to tear down the A10 Cyclone and tell you it's all crap. It's got some good's just...well...the Zini Dib is superior in almost every way!
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.5/5
I get very excited when I get to tell you guys to buy something. It seems like a lot of the time I am either bashing a toy or "meh" about it. So please, if you get this toy, please share your experience with the others and ToyDemon by leaving a written review on the description page of the toy. I seriously can not wait to hear what you guys think about this toy and if my love is shared by others. I almost feel as if I had a hand in making this toy, I just want to see it do well. Maybe it's because I gave it a high rating and I don't want to see that  my personal tastes are complete shit compared to the rest of the toy loving population.  Either way, I hope you guys do enjoy the Zini Dib and if you have any questions about it don't hesitate to ask either me or hit up the forum. Because seriously, and lets just keep this between us, but there are a few guys on ToyDemon's forum that are a million times more knowledgeable then me.  *cough* HardGay *cough cough*