Video Review: Toy'sHeart SI-X Type W & Type K
It’s hard for me not to mention Toy’sHeart when I am asked the question “What is the best but cheapest masturbator on the market today?”  Toy’sHeart has always had a firm grip on the best toys $15 and under and it’s strongly due to the fact that they realize the need for these toys without sacrificing integrity and design. I am constantly blown away by the price point Toy’sHeart lives in with a certain group of their toys. They could easily ask for double the amount that the SI-X line up of masturbators sell for. This is why in my opinion the SI-X line up are the best and cheapest masturbators on the market today.
Sensation & Feeling: 4.5/5
In my review I cover both the SI-X Type K and the W. The Type K has a more natural feeling to it. It has the executed G spot and plenty of natural curves to apply firmness and pressure to the penis while stroking. The W on the other hand is lined with what looks like mom’s spaghetti. Even though it looks a bit strange it does mimic a vaginal wall quite well and it provides a medium level of sensation.  That’s one of the key selling points when it comes to the SI-X line up, each one is strikingly different from the next and with that price point you could purchase all of them and never be bored. With the use of their patented fine cross material you get a lighter softer masturbator. This in turn helps make the inner structure feel more realistic and doesn’t becoming irritating over use.   If I had to choose a favorite however I would go with the type K simply because it follows the lines of an actual vagina and the sensation was at the right amount for my personal taste.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.8/5
Cleaning a SI-X is as simple as it gets. The extra wide opening allows any number of foam bottle brushes entry to the insides. Plus due to its amazing structural integrity, you can easily flip the toy inside out to wick away any hidden moisture pockets.  Now ToyDemon has made caring for your toy even easier with their TD Starter Kit. So everything you need to love and care for your toy is included in one fantastic package. Plus they have thrown in a bottle of anti-bacterial toy cleaner, which hopefully you have learned by now is something you absolutely need in order to keep the integrity of your toys feeling and looking brand new. So definitely snatch one of those up!
Price & Performance: 5/5
Do me and yourself a favor. Click this link. Look over all the toys you can get for less than $12. Now act like you are asking me what you should get. Just say it right to the computer screen and I will magically give you the response your little eye balls so desperately needs. GET THE SI-X ANYTHING!!! It doesn’t matter which one you get, you will not be disappointed! This is a $25 toy any day of the week all dressed up and selling it short for reasons I cannot understand. It’s like Pretty Woman up in this piece! Why is she hooking!?!?!?? Who knows?!?! But she is just the same and her Backpage profile pic is legit! It’s just like that. Toy’sHeart saw a need and they crammed it full of introductory priced toys. A nice way for someone looking to dip their toes in the water of masturbators. You cannot say no to this price. It is bar none the most economical masturbators in the world.
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.8/5 Buy It!!!
All I can say is dig through the cracks of your lazy boy and scrounge up some of that change. That’s all it really is. For the price of 5 cups of coffee you can help feed some Malaysian kid or jerk off? Susanne summers has one of these already pretty well covered. The bottom line is you simply cannot go wrong here. This is the safest bet for anyone out there. From the novice to the pros, SI-X is always going to be the right choice. And just like that I sound like an infomercial. Great…