Video Review: Meiki® Plush Doll

Meiki Plush Doll Review By Triple X Branded

It's not very often that I receive a toy for a review and become lost for words. I have done some reviews on some pretty weird and crazy sex toys but nothing quite like this. When I first opened the box that my Meiki Plush Doll came in, I gasped. This was largely due to the fact that I had no idea how I was going to do a review on something that simply had so much going for it. However, I pulled up my boot straps and buckled in for what I knew would be my longest video review ever! Still, even now I'm seeing new possibilities. This will not be the last time you hear about or see my Meiki Plush me. I have some plans and I'll be showing them to you as we move forward. For now, let's get down to brass tax and start to dissect the wonder which is this doll.
Sensation & Feeling: 4.75/5
The Meiki Plush Doll is made from a plush material and is sewn together amazingly. The way it's pieced together allows for the doll to move and bend like a real women would. You'll notice this yourself right away when you flip the doll over and perform the “Doggie Style” position. The doll actually flexes and almost seems to push back at you with every thrust. You will catch yourself smiling at this fact, trust me. The plush material is ultra soft to the touch. It doesn't feel like real skin of course but it is a nice feeling against the skin nonetheless. It almost begs to be held and caressed. This is also a huge plus for anyone looking for not only a “sex doll” but a cuddle pillow as well. It may sound strange but there is a large number of men out there that just want to cuddle. For them there is no better alternative than the Meiki Plush Doll. The inner core (or filling) is dense and firm. It gives the illusion of a real human body. You can grasp on to it and the doll will give but bounce right back to its original shape. I have seen pics of other dolls of this caliber and noticed that the body (especially the breasts) seemed floppy and extremely squishy. That is far from the case here. The breast are just like the rest of the doll. Firm and responsive to the touch. I just wish they were a little bigger! LOL! No seriously it would be wicked if ToyDemon made a bustier version. Maybe call it Meiki Plush Doll Ver. D? Who could happen. The real sensation comes from the use of toys with this doll. The opening is large enough to fit some of the worlds best selling male masturbators. Meiki, Fleshlight, TENGA, ToysHeart, and almost every Onahole out there to date. With the use of ToyDemon's Onahole wrap, inserting these toys is a snap. I had a little trouble with mine at first, primarily because I am impatient, but if you give it time you'll get the hang of it pretty easily. Once you have that mastered you can change your toys to fit your mood. You never have to settle for just one. You can swap out your TENGA 3D for a Fleshlight. Then change it up with a Meiki. Whatever you want. Plus I have found that you can use regular masturbators as well. If they have a through hole design simply rubber band a freezer bag to your toy and insert. If you think it will make annoying sounds or noises, fear not. I was so impressed by the fact that it made no sounds at all. This is a testament to the dense core of this doll. It holds everything in so nicely with its added draw strings below the doll's hole that the toy never moved. Not even once. So if you do have a male masturbator, and if it fits, by all means use it. Just remember my freezer bag trick. Otherwise you'll be left with a nasty mess and no one wants that! Once you're using the doll with your male masturbators you may get that initial “OH WOW!” feeling. This is because once your hands are out of the picture and your brain can finally focus 100% on what's going on down there. You'll start feeling things about your toys you never noticed before. Inner textures will become more pronounced to you all because your hand is no longer part of the process. It may seem like a small thing, but once it's gone you'll never want to go back to the old fashion way again. You are free to explore new territory. I honestly didn't know how to come at this thing at first. I was a little rushed for time but I really wanted to see it in action so to speak. So I got everything set up, porno vid paused on the laptop, lube and towel nearby, and I just sat there looking at this Meiki Plush Doll. I didn't know what to do, or if I even wanted to, to be honest. It was strange to me. So I sat there for a few more minutes and decided to go for it. It was a little hard at first to get excited. The thought of me fucking a stuffed animal basically kept rushing through my head. It was only when I looked down and noticed that my Meiki ZXY was responding like a real woman’s vagina would that I finally got into it. The lips were separating on the down stroke and clamping down on the up, just like the real thing. I never noticed this before. Probably because I was too busy staring at porn to notice or my hand was clamped down so hard that it screwed it up. This did it for me though. The ZXY was already amazing to me but to take my hand away made it a thousand times better. I wasn't even watching the porn after a few more seconds. I was just touring my bedroom flipping this doll around like a crazy person hopped up on a mixture of coke and Viagra! I put it through every position I could imagine and by the end I was just hammered with pure joy. Granted it's not sex with a women and it's no replacement to my wife, but this thing is good practice. That's the excuse I give my wife every time I refuse to go grocery shopping with her. “I need to practice.....some more.” Honestly though this toy will do that. You want to build stamina and staying power? Well you need to get as close to the real thing as possible to pull that off. Honestly if jerking off was a stamina builder then 99.9% of the male population on Earth over the age of 18 would freaking last for hours!!!!! You get my point? You need to simulate actual sex and having a doll that you can put through the paces and various positions will help you achieve that. Seriously. So as you can see the Meiki Plush Doll has a lot going for it. Plus I'm finding new things everyday like I said in the opening. So stay tuned to the blog and see what's cooking in upcoming reviews. This will not be the last time you see this Doll. ;)
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.75/5
Cleaning and maintaining this doll could not be easier. As long as you don't go hog wild on this thing and spray bodily fluid and lube all over the place, you should be fine. If you do happen to make a lil' mess just simply get a sponge and a bucket of hot water and a dash of laundry soap and gently scrub the problem area. Come back after a moment with a clean sponge and was away the soap with clean hot water and allow the toy to air dry. If you have lint or pet hair just take a lint roller to it. It's that simple. If you go ahead and spend sixty more dollars on the Meiki Plush Doll Starter Set (something I suggest you do anyways), you will not only get your choice of 3 different Meiki Sisters (Virgin, Erotic, or Mature), a 360 ml bottle of Peace Lotion and the Meiki Plush Doll, but you will get a sex toy bag for the Meiki sleeve as well. Which will come in handy once you realize you can't leave the sleeve in the doll forever. However, I really wish the Doll came with a storage bag as well. It would be cool to see ToyDemon whip up their own storage bag complete with the ToyDemon logo. Wouldn't take much and it sure would help. Just another royalty free suggestion! LOL! If i do 'lol' one more time please hit me!
Price & Performance: 4.25/5
Now comes the most shocking part. When I was getting ready to do this review I looked around on and other sex toy sites to see if there was anything else like the this doll to compare it to. I only found two and both of them are on There are the Love Venus and Love Venus R Body Pillow. The Love Venus is similar to the Meiki Plush Doll, just without legs. So positions like doggie style and what have you are pretty much out. You could still pull it off, just not with the same effect you would get from the Meiki Plush Doll. Also you would feel lighter in your back pocket and that's because the Love Venus cost $150 more than the Meiki Plush Doll. Ouch! That's right. The Meiki Plush Doll is $229.99 The Love Venus...................................$379.99 For a difference of.................................$150.00 Why? Why is it so much higher? But gets better. The Love Venus R Body Pillow has a little more extras than the Meiki Plus Doll. It has a head, hand less arms and the same stump legs you'll find on the Meiki Plush Doll. They look identical in so many ways but one. The price tag! Once again.......Meiki Plush Doll is $229.99 The Love Venus R Body Pillow is...$449.99! That's a whopping $220 difference! That's just insane to me. Why on Earth would you even bother with that? Granted I have never tried them, so I can't spit too much venom here, but God above! Think of what you could do with that extra $220 in your pocket if you went with the Meiki Plush instead. You would have a lot of Meiki and Fleshlights in your cart when your ordered your Meiki Plush Doll that's what!!! Still, it may be pricey to some but if you're in the market we all know who the clear winner is here.
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.6/5
I have said a lot about this doll in the past week. I have simply run out of things to say. I have made myself sick just raving about it. I'm sitting here looking at this screen wondering how all that just came out of me. Especially after a damn 20 minute long video review. Sorry about the length by the way guys, hope it didn't annoy too many people. It just proves a point really. All of this does. This doll is so fantastic you could literally point out all of its strong points for hours and hours. Alas I have to stop. I'm running out of steam. So please do yourself a huge favor, the best favor you will ever do for yourself and get this damn doll. It is perfection wrapped it soft plush just begging to be loved. You cannot go wrong. On that you can trust. P.S. I have been thinking though, like I do...I would love to see ToyDemon put out another version of this doll. Not only with bigger boobs but also with arms and longer legs and more importantly, a head. However, unlike the Love Venus R, maybe they could incorporate a mouth hole for all your oral simulation masturbators as well. I think that would be an exciting thing to see be born here at ToyDemon. What are your thoughts on the subject? Once again...royalty free suggestion, just toss me one when she's complete! ;) Until next time, stay safe and don't hurt anyone. Thanks for watching/reading! XXX!