Video Review: Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Soft Skin
The Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Soft Skin edition of the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco line is the third rendition of this hot selling toy. Magic Eyes have a tendency of doing this whenever they hit pay dirt. They exploit the fame by slightly reinventing something that is already great and somehow make it even better. This turn around they simply made the outer flesh even softer then before and the inner layer even harder than before. Sounds like a lazy man’s way of getting your hard earned money I know, but here’s the thing, IT WORKS EVERYTIME!
I am very rarely lost for words, as you all know, I can talk for 30 plus minutes about a certain sex toy, however this one stole my breathe away. I haven’t experienced anything this unique in a long while. The initial penetration is amazing. The meaty camel toe entrance acts like lips pressing against the head of your penis as you penetrate the tight opening. Past that your meet with various chock point type flaps that also act as lube appliers. These flaps caress your shaft as you continue to move forward. During this you will feel that the inner structure becomes softer the further you move back. This is because the inner structure is lined with a dual layer of stronger material to help increase sensation and you will notice this without question.  The ending is soft and welcoming and begs you to relax and enjoy the ride. I haven’t felt anything this surprising since the ZXY. There is just enough packed in this toy to keep your penis guessing on what’s next without overwhelming or confusing you.  There is a perfect balance throughout that will have you slowing down your stroke to feel it all.
The tunnel is a pretty straight shot but along that route are plenty of flaps that will hold in moisture, so you need to be diligent here. What else does one need to clean a toy you may ask? Anti-bacterial toy cleaner! I imagine all of you saying it in unison. You should have that drilled into your head by now. You need this just like you need lube. Two cannot exist without the other. Protect your investment. Got it? Good. Anyway, off subject here, I wish someone would invent a USB powered onahole dryer. Sort of like a USB powered laptop cooling pad. Just a single fan with a heating implement attached to a long tube with holes in it. Look a bit like the Fleshlight heating rod. I think it’s a million dollar idea. Maybe I’ll pitch it to Shark Tank.  Anywayyyyyyyyssss…
Magic Eyes are infamous for placing their toys at just the right price. There are dozens of great toy you can get for the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Soft Skin asking price and everyone you will be over the moon about. There have been only a few exceptions to this rule and with a batting average of .950 why not let them swing for the fences and see what you think once the dust clears. For thirty dollars and some change you can get yourself the La bocca della verita, the monster wet chimera, Sujiman kupa roa, The lust gimmick and so many more.  You really can’t go wrong here. This is unlike anything I have tried in a long while and it is defiantly worth the buy.
Buy it! What else is left to say really? Just buy it. Then, for the love of all things holy, let ToyDemon and all the people that peruse the site know exactly what you thought of the toy by posting your own user review to the site. I would really like to know if we have the same tastes or if I am just bat crap crazy and have no clue what a good toy actually feels like.  Have I been wrong this whole time? God I really hope not. There’s only one way to find out. Let your voice be heard and tell the world just what you think of this toy. Lord knows I would love to hear your feedback. Until then buy it and love it just as much as I do.