Video Review: Shifuku no Meiki
NPG are gods in the world of male masturbators and for good reason. They have made such greats like the Maria Ozawa and the ZXY, some of the hottest selling and top rated toys on ToyDemon to date. So when they do a toy in celebration of their tenth anniversary you know they are going to pull out all the stops and deliver a toy that will make you join in the celebration as well. Thus the Shifuku no Meiki is born and eager to please its end user. So the only questions that remain is “Does it live up to the NPG brand” The answer is simple. Of course it does stupid this is NPG we are talking about!!!
I could bog you all down talking about the structure of the toy and how it’s a beautiful sculpt of a realistic vagina, but that’s all cannon fodder for what’s lying under the hood. Packed deep inside is an inner structure that is shaped like an M which provides some of the best stimulation since the ZXY. The deep dives allow the material to apply pressure to the penis providing some truly powerful realistic sensations. There is also a rather straight forward anal cavity that mimics actual anal penetration rather well regardless of its shallow design. The dual layer design brings these sensations to the fore front allowing you to feel every tiny detail that has gone into this toy. Even though it is limited in the positions you can use this toy in it does provide some of the best sensations I have felt since the legendary ZXY.
Now cleaning this lil’ bugger is a bit of a chore largely due to the fact that the inner tunnel does take some rather large dives. So you must be patient above all else to fully clean this toy. A foam bottle brush here goes a long way as long as you take your time and carefully pilot it to the back of the toy. Once again, anti-bacterial toy cleaner is your savior here. With all these places for bacteria to hide you do not want to risk no using toy cleaner here. You could always go for the alternative and pull out like a gentleman but then what is the point. See it through till the end is what I say. Enjoy the toy for what it is. An unimpregnateable mound of PVC material that will not surprise you at your door step in nine months.
What is the price you ask for being the kings of the male masturbator world?  Well to put it simply, you are the makers of your own demise. NPG simply has way too many other great toys in their arsenal, which unless you own them all I would highly suggest buying them first before even looking at this toy.  Is the Shifuku no Meiki good? You bet it is, but its sisters are way better and you need to give them a go before test driving this baby out.
Now will I be reaching for my Shifuku no Meiki next time the urge overtakes me? Probably not. It’s largely due to the fact that I won so many great masturbators that this one will simply be lost in the shuffle in a few weeks’ time. However, I speak to the collector on this one, if you won other NPG toys by all means get this toy!!! Even though NPG will always be shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to new releases they still make some of the best toys out there. So you simply can’t go wrong with this one. However, I am still sitting over here desperately waiting for that toy that will topple the ZXY and Maria Ozawa. Someday…someday.