Video Review: Meiki Cherry Evolution Hip Masturbator
When it comes to the world of sex toys, it’s always a magical moment when great minds collide to hatch an idea.  Years of experience are dropped together in a bowl and the collective voices of so many customers feedback meet together and are mixed heavily for months, if not years. All of this is done in the hopes that the finished product will be the perfect combination of ingenuity and satisfaction. The Meiki Cherry Evolution is that said love child of ToyDemon and OmochaDreams.  A collaboration made in heaven.  With a wealth of knowledge they embarked to break the mold. In a way they have achieved this. However, their greatest achievement in my eyes at least is one not a whole lot of customers talk about when leaving user reviews, and that is this. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.
Sensation & Feeling:  4.6/5
The more I use this toy the more I fall in love with it. Sure, it’s not without its little problems, but all in all there are small tweaks to this hip that possibly only a seasoned veteran may be aware of. It’s no doubt that the Meiki Cherry Evolution is a huge step up from her older sister Meiki Cherry 2. Her younger sister has a more defined muscular sculpt and a general youthful look and overall feel.  Her dual-layer construction offers up an ultra-realistic feeling with a few bends that touch lightly on the non-realistic side. That’s all great, but I found myself after a few uses having numerous light bulbs bursting in my head.  The vaginal design is so marvelously done that penetration is a breeze. Something that is normally a huge pain in the ass when it comes to other hips of this nature. There is a bit of a dual, if not, triple lip design here, This not only keeps lube where it is supposed to be during use but also allows for easy insertion. Then immediately after that there is another tither lip that will provide you with a sensual realistic insertion feeling.  The same can be said for the anal entrance. The initial opening is tight and can be a tad bit of a hassle to fight with at first but once penetration is achieved you are left with a realistic tunnel that provides excellent stimulation.  The hip is also so perfectly balanced in weight that the hip itself doesn’t flop around at all in your hands. This is something many might not know to be a problem unless they already own several hip masturbators.  This adds tremendously to the overall satisfaction of this toy simply because your hands will not get tired after a few moments of trying to use the hip. So all in all this hip is a knock out. I still love my Meiki Cherry 2, but if push came to shove it would end up being a roll of the dice as to which one I would buy.  Who am I kidding; I would get this one for sure.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.7/5
Now, here comes the debatable issue when it comes to this hip. The bit of ingenuity here is that this toy can easily be turned from a through hole to a closed hole via two small plugs at the top of the toy. You simply pull the plugs out and presto. You have a through hole so that you can easily flush out any and all materials trapped inside of the tunnel. Sure, this is fantastic and makes clean up a huge breeze. Especially when you can stick down a foam bottle brush at either end to capture any moisture that may be lingering behind. I love this idea. However, the plugs are a pain in the ass and tend to pucker up at the top. It’s weird really how they do this. It makes inserting them back in a bit of a chore. Especially if you have OCD like me and need everything perfect or you lose your mind. I simply couldn’t get that smooth flat look like I had when I pulled the hip out of the box.  It’s not a big deal really but it does allow air to pass by it there for losing some suction while using it. Also, these handy little plugs do allow lube and “Other Stuff” seep out while using it. It can be a bit unsightly if you’re not use to seeing that kind of thing and masturbate primarily in the dark.  Still, I feel like the plugs could have been maybe used out of a harder material that might have allowed it to form a tighter seal.
Price & Performance: 4.5/5
It is pretty clear by my review so far that I would obviously choose this one over the Meiki Cherry 2. Even so I cannot ignore the huge price gap between the two. The Meiki Cherry 2 is $100 less and that to me is a bit much when it comes to justifying purchasing the Evolution instead. Do I personally think the Evolution is worth the extra dough? Of course I do, but new comers to the playground might not. To them I say “That’s ok” you are going to win either way. By all means, if you don’t have the scratch to get the Evolution get the Cherry 2 for now and fall in love with it. Then fantasize about what could have been. You know, like us men do with…I don’t know…EVERYTHING!  You will eventually be able to get the Evolution and when you do you will see what I am rambling on about over here.
Final Thoughts and Score: 4.6/5 - Buy It!
I have pulled this hip out of my closet a few times over the last month and every time it gets better and better. It’s a shame to me that these stupid plugs are such a hassle and hurt the toy as much as they do.  I have read a few user reviews and have no other choice but to side with them when it comes down to it. What drives me crazy the most about it is that so much is lost because of it. I say, who freaking cares really. The toy feels incredible. Sure the plugs need a redesign, but it doesn’t stop this toy from killing it. My only hope is that these two get together and make a 3D spread eagle version of this.  Get on it boys. Why we wait, get this or the Cherry 2. It’s a win win either way you cut it.