Video Review: Koko's Extreme Sleeves
Let’s face it guys. There isn’t a whole lot a man can do to accentuate his penis. You can man scape and maybe even pierce the thing if you are daring enough. However, in the real world you are pretty much left with what god gave you. Your simple ass wee-wee.  Well I am here to tell you that Kokos, the makers of some of the best hip masturbators on the market to date, have found a solution to your hum drum tally wacker problems. They have designed ten sleeves that you can easily install over your member and give your partner a ride he or she will not soon forget.  SENSATION & FEELING: 4.8/5 I was fortunate enough to receive three sleeves from ToyDemon, each unique in its own rights. Some extreme and some rather plain to be blunt. Even so these sleeves do what no other product can. They accentuate the penis allowing for a brand new sexual experience that your partner is sure to enjoy. Sure I was skeptical at first but as the motions played along I was surprised to find that my wife was actually enjoying the sleeve. Like really enjoying the sleeves.  She said she was surprised on how soft the textures were and how she truly could feel every part of it. The added texture to the sleeve provides a sensation that you simply cannot get with an ordinary penis. It’s almost as if you transformed your junk into a wild and crazy dildo that you are in full control of.  I loved how easy the sleeve was to put on and take off. Just like a condom. I also loved how it stayed in place and never slipped or moved during use. This allows you to relax and fully utilize the toy to its potential without worrying or being bothered by it. As an added bonus, it slightly deadened the sensation of sex, allowing me to perform longer. So for you guys out there that have this problem in the bedroom this may be just the thing for you. Or if you think your partner has had enough of your tired ass dick, this may help spice things up tenfold. I was pleasantly surprised by this product to say the least and I am sure if you give it a shot you will be too.
This toy is simply a breeze to clean. As long as you follow one simple rule. Do not cum inside of it. If you feel the urge, simply pull out and remove the sleeve and finish as normal. There simply isn’t any room for your man juice to go in this thing and the situation could get messy if you decide to be lazy and cum inside of it anyways. So please just try to resist and cum elsewhere. If you follow my step all you really have to do is run this thing under a sink, apply some anti-bacterial toy cleaner, rinse and allow it to air dry. That simple.
Here is the cherry on the proverbial cake. These sleeves retail for under $20. That is a freaking steal for what you are getting. It may seem like a novelty item to some but trust me it’s not. It’s simply the easiest and best way to help boast your penis to the next level. Hell! I have bought lunch more expensive then one of these sleeves. I suggest next time your loading up your cart with yet another masturbator, maybe throw this in and just give it a shot. You won’t lose out on much if you don’t experience the same results. However I can almost guarantee you that you will love it. It is by far the best buy ToyDemon has to offer.
I am currently compiling my list for this year’s top ten and I have to share a spoiler with you all, this is on it. I haven’t come across a product like this before and it is a pleasant breathe of fresh air in a rather stale market. These sleeves live in my night side drawer. A coveted spot reserved for only the most elite toys that me and my wife use in almost every sexual session. These are simply a joy to use and help to really spice things up. I hope soon the taboo surrounding male sex toys will die and these will be a much sought after item that every man desires to own. Because believe you me, you will want and need this in your arsenal. So by all means take the $20 gamble and get yourself one of these. You won’t regret it.