Video Review: JULIA+ Masturbator ???? ???
JULIA+ Masturbator ???? ??? Review by Jackson Hole This time, ToyDemon has sent me a new item in the JULIA+ onahole from MOODYZ. This is based off of the AV idol Julia who is known for her ample breasts. This is not a 3D version/scan of her vaginal cavity but a product made to LOOK like a smaller representation of her.
Sensation & Feeling: 5/5
This, so far in the products that I have personally tried and reviewed, feels more like a real woman than any other product. It's really going to be the toy that I use for comparison from now on because this onahole is amazing. The feel is nice and firm and does not require you to squeeze the hole to gain added stimulation. And, pushing further up into the toy will not tear it and will actually stimulate the tip of your shaft. It's an incredible feeling. 7d890394-s
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.75/5
The onahole can easily be cleaned with warm water. Using an anti-bacterial cleaner will also help keep it sanitary. A light dab of corn starch on the outside of the toy will allow it to keep its soft feel. It does not clean as easily as other toys, but it is still easy if you are careful... and I'm not going to hold it against her.
Price & Performance: 5/5
The price on ToyDemon right now is $59.99, which is the cheapest around. I have looked up and down the blogosphere and, other than living in Japan and getting it there, ToyDemon is the best price. And I am NOT saying that because this review is on their site either. Honestly it's an amazing toy and you need to be using this right now. It may or may not fit into a doll but the feeling is enough to warrant it worthy of your collection. Untitled
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.9/5
Buy it. I am totally serious here. The onahole is well constructed, durable, feels good... if I said anything more you'd think I'd have been paid off. So seriously... buy this onahole.