Video Review: Fuwa Cyun W
What does one say when asked about the strange and unusual Fuwa Cyun W. What possible good things can a mind conjure up after using said toy? I don’t want to be all negatives here but when you are surrounded by them it seems like there is no other choice. I will attempt it however for sake of staying positive and all that jazz. Even though in the long run and the grand scheme of things the Fuwa Cyun W is one of the worst toys I have used in a long time.
So the Fuwa has a relatively simple concept anyone could get behind. It’s a dual penetrable thorough hole. Allowing the user to decide which end to use. Each end providing a different experience. This is actually pretty ingenious but none the less poorly executed. I think the major downfall for this toy is the pink end. The pink end is simply too soft and the inner textures lay flat when you penetrate the toy. It causes a rather frustrating experience and one you’re more than likely to call a halt to mid-way through. On the other end you have the blue side. Stronger, firmer and more amped to provide you with stimulation. Even so it’s still a rather stale ride that won’t have you sticking around. I thought maybe I could use this like A-one’s Slide masturbator. I could simply insert myself into the blue end and stretch out the pink end and allow the toy to fall across my penis by letting go. Or by holding it in place and sliding it up and down as I tugged on the pink end or vice versa. This was a silly and useless task. I felt that I was trying to strangle out any justifiable use from this thing. Like I was digging for a hidden secret that only the makers of this toy held. Like I was trying like hell to figure out whose Rey’s parents were only to be told they are nobodies! It was that much of a punch in the stomach. This toy holds no hidden use to make it well…make sense. It’s simply a dual penetrable toy where both ends rather suck.  Let’s be clear here. It wasn’t as big as a disappointment as ‘The Last Jedi’ but it was pretty damn close.
Perhaps the only saving grace here is the fact that this toy is a snap to clean. Largely due to the fact that both ends are open and you can flush water through it. You can also easily flip it inside out and pat away any moisture once you are done using it. You can then spend the rest of your free time contemplating the vastness of the multiverse and wonder if your alternative self was dumb enough to buy this toy. Maybe he bought a Lust Gimmick instead. If so, he’s a better man than you.
Since I published the review on YouTube the price tag of the Fuwa went up from $25.95 on sale to its MSRP of $31.95. All I can say is NO! This toy is a twenty dollar toy any day of the week. The asking price is just too damn high for me to even suggest it as a purchase to you guys. We aren’t even talking about performance here because I believe I have covered that all ready but for the sake of this review I will repeat. This thing doesn’t perform at all. Simple as that. So what you are left with if you do decide to disregard my warnings is your pockets will be emptier and your trash bin will be fuller. Enough said.
What is left to say that I haven’t already covered? I want to say that this is a nice concept. It was just executed poorly. Can’t really tear the toy down for trying to do something outside the box. So I applaud it for being unique. I just wish it performed better in a number of different departments. I see they have also made a triple version of the Fuwa. Maybe I can get my hands on one of those for review and see what they have decided to do differently the second time around. Until then just pass on this toy and try to find yourself something better for your hard earned thirty dollars.