May 10, 2014

The weather is finally starting to get warm outside ToyDemon's office and for the first time this year, winter seems to be behind us. As we look back on all the items we've added over the last year (there was quite a lot of them), we decided to try ranking them. Since we always have people asking us what we think, here's the ToyDemon staff pick for the best of 2013. Best Masturbator of 2013 Top two was a no brainer. Some of our customers have always love body shape onaholes and we've had plenty come through ToyDemon. However most of them never quite matched up in terms of sensation. That is until Julia + showed up. Julia + gave a great sensation and many customers agree. It definitely didn't hurt that the body shape is non other than the lovely and super sexy Julia. Magic Eyes had not release a really big sized sleeve since the Monster Wet Original so we were really surprise with Monster Wet Real. It was bigger than their past sleeves, dual layer and felt great. In our mind, Monster Wet Real really solidify Magic Eyes' position as a serious player in the industry. Picking the better of the two was not easy. Both are dual layer, great sensation, and both broke the mold of their series. (Julia + was the first big sized body type sleeve for the plus series) In the end the tie breaker came down to the exterior design. We easily prefer Ms. Julia over the Monster. Winner: Julia + EXE Julia plus best of 2013 Runner up: Monster Wet Real Magic Eyes Monster Wet Real Best of 2013   Best Oral of 2013 Having decided on the best sleeve, we felt it was a bit unfair to overlook the oral simulating onaholes. The top two in 2013, in our opinion are A-One's Superb Fella 3 and ToysHeart's Real Deep Throat. Both sleeves actually were designed with deep throating in mind and both made with special material construction. We love how Superb Fella 3's material changes to be really hard at the end and it's meaty feel in your hand. At the same time, Real Deep Throat has great durability and its price is really hard to beat. Two great items with their unique advantage but in the end the price won out. Winner: Real Deep Throat ToysHeart Real Deep Throat best of 2013 Runner up: Superb Fella 3 A One Superb Fella 3 runner up oral 2013   Best Doll of 2013 Well from 2013 there really were only 2 new dolls, the Love Body Hina Air Doll and our revised version of Meiki® Plush Doll. Many people may not know this but we've made some updates to the Plush last year. On the outside we reworked the butt crack curve to look more realistic and better feel when grabbed. On the inside we've increased the stuffing to make the doll heavier and feel denser. The hole length also increased for a better fit of longer American sleeves. Being as impartial as we can, it is still impossible to pick Love Body over the Meiki® Plush. Air leakage and durability issues are just something Air Doll owners still have to deal with. Winner: Meiki® Plush Doll ToyDemon Meiki Plush Doll Best of 2013 Runner up: Love Body Hina Air Doll (by default) Love Body Hina Air Doll 2013   Best Lotion of 2013 Only one lotion stands out above all the rest last year and that lotion is Superb Fella Saliva Lotion. Oral toys has been around for a long time but it a wonder why no one made a lotion to match the oral experience. In comes Superb Fella Saliva Lotion mimicking real saliva to make your oral masturbator experience even better. Winner: Superb Fella Saliva Lotion Superb Fella Saliva Lotion 2013   Do you agree with our selections? Let us know!