ToyDemon Weekly Giveaway: TENGA 3D Module Hard Gel Masturbator Limited Edition "Updated With Winner"
After the ever popular Meiki Maria Ozawa Masturbator, we are going to give away the TENGA 3D Module Hard Gel. If you have been following TENGA news, you should know that these TENGA 3D Hard Gels are limited edition! So if you don't get them soon, you won't have a chance to once it runs out! Once thing we noticed from the last giveaway, is that once again people are catching on to our questions in the giveaway and are just copying other people's answer. We doubt that so many people happen to pick Louisville and Miami as the final two. So here goes: -Follow us on Twitter and retweet this post with the answer to our question. (If you are already a follower, then just retweet and answer our question.) OR -Like our Facebook page and leave a comment on the corresponding post for "ToyDemon Giveaway: TENGA 3D Module Hard Gel Masturbator Limited Edition". (If you already liked us, just leave a comment.) Remember, you need to like our page! For this week: What is the current date/time/location of you posting this message? For example: 3/29 - 3:45pm - Chicago, IL. This way we can definitely know who takes the time to read our blog post, and those that do deserve winning! The winner will be picked randomly and announced via Twitter, Facebook and on the blog next Friday of 04/05/2013. (TD Giveaway prize will ship only to US residents. Canadian and Australian/NZ residents will receive the retail worth of the prize in Gift Certificate for use on *Winner will have till the following Friday to claim the prize. **All the giveaway prizes are brand new, unopened, and as is. No exchanges or replacements will be accepted. Edit: Congrats to Marni Greene of FB on winning! Thanks to everyone that pariticipated.