By ToyDemon Staff
February 10, 2021

Sorry for the slight delay, here's our Giveaway #19!

How to Enter: Go here Community Giveaway Topic #19

1. Upvote this post.

2. Enter the poll.

3. Comment below answering the following questions:

What is 1 feature you'd like to see on the toydemon website?

So from the last giveaway, we noticed that a lot of users are asking and requesting things that already exist on the site. Things like rewards for writing reviews, to be notified of out of stock items, sort products by ascending/descending, and etc.

We want to ask this question because we want to know what is important to you when visiting a website and get an idea on what features already available on our site that users just aren't aware, so that we can come up with a "Guide to Navigating ToyDemon".

BTW we are already starting to work on Dark Mode so please be patient with us and don't say dark mode for this giveaway! Give us 1 feature/function from other sites that you frequently visit and wish it's available on TD, or something that you came up yourself.

When commenting, please let us know what device you are using and try to be as specific as you can so we can understand better.

$100 in Reward Point to 5 lucky winners.

5 Winners will be randomly picked next month on 03/10/2021.

* One entry per person, any account spamming will result in disqualification.
** You must have a ToyDemon account in order to post in the community.