valentine's day

  1. Valentine's Day Sale 02-08 to 02-18

    Valentine's Day Sale 02-08 to 02-18

    We hope everyone has been staying warm with the weather being so bad lately in many parts of the US. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and ToyDemon is giving out some sweet discounts for Valentine's Day. From now until noon central time on Feb 18th, 2019, use the following to save sitewide.

    Save $5 off $50 or more using code: love5 or Save $25 off $125 or more using code: love25 or Save $60 off $250 or more using code: love60

    Simply enter the code in the "Apply a discount code" section of the side shopping cart and click on Apply to use the codes. It's that sweet! Sale starts now

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  2. Best Sex Toy Gift For Valentines Day

    Best Sex Toy Gift For Valentines Day

    ToyDemon wishes everyone a great Valentine's Day weekend. If you have a partner in crime, this is the time to show him/her your appreciation with a special gift or gifts from the heart. The "go-to" gifts for Valentine's Day are of course flowers and chocolates. Sometimes the best and most thrilling gifts are things he/she wouldn't necessarily buy for himself/herself. This is particularly true, when that gift is a sex toy. Regardless if your partner is too shy to or quite curious about sex toys, there will be something for everyone. Sex toys are really a win-win situation for everyone. However you must get the right toys for the right person. Someone shy about sex toys should get something small without a high learning curve that may turn off your partner. For example, don't get a giant monster dildo for your shy female partner just as you don't get a love doll for your shy male partner. You know what your partner likes so being thoughtful about sex toys is just as important. There are

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  3. Happy March 14th 2013

    Happy March 14th 2013

    Happy March 14th, 2013 everyone. You may ask what's so special about today. Well, if you are in Asia, today would be White Day. In you are in the western world, today would be Steak and BJ Day... White Day In Japan, Valentine's day in Japan is a day where females would buy/make chocolate for their male partner, male bosses, or any other males they have to be nice to. The Japanese candy industry decided to market a new holiday on March 14th where guys would reciprocate with gifts of white chocolate.(why it's called "White Day") After a few years of luke-warm response, White Day has finally been accepted into the general public in recent years. Steak and BJ Day In the west, today is known to some as Steak and BJ Day. There's even a website for it

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  4. ToyDemon 2013 Valentine's Day Sale

    ToyDemon 2013 Valentine's Day Sale

    Valentine's Day is almost upon us again! Time to get that special present for that special someone you love. ToyDemon is starting their 2013 Valentine's Day Sale a little earlier this year so everyone has time to get what they want. For those that don't have that special someone in your life, you can still buy a special present for you and your little buddy! The more you buy, the more you save! Here are the codes: Happy10off for $10 off any $100 orders. VDay30off for $30 off any $200 orders. FromTD50off for $50 off any $300 orders. Wishing you a memorable and enjoyable 2013

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  5. Joining "Mile High Club" Without Getting In Trouble

    Joining "Mile High Club" Without Getting In Trouble

    Joining the Mile High Club is the fantasy of many but with the current air travel situation, doing so without being thrown in jail might be very hard. However if you are ever in Cincinnati Ohio or need something different for Valentine's day, you may want to look up Flamingo Air and their Romantic Flights. For $425 plus taxes and fees(but includes chocolates and champagne), you can spend an one-hour flight in a private curtained aircraft doing whatever it is you want to do up there. Why be cramp in a airplane bathroom when you can be in this cozy cabin? [caption id="attachment_1451" align="aligncenter" width="260"] Mile High Club Cabin[/caption] $425 to fulfill your fantasy while not being thrown in jail afterwards with your face on TV sounds like a good deal. information and image from

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  6. Check Your Chocolate From Valentine's Day!!!

    Check Your Chocolate From Valentine's Day!!!

    We are sure many people around the world gave or received chocolate on Valentine's Day last week. If you got a big box of truffles, it is likely there's still a few left. We want to warn everyone to please check inside your chocolate before popping them in your mouth or learn the hard way like the TD staff..... A very expensive $75 box of Vosges Chocolates. vosges chocolate One unlucky staff member bit a chocolate in half to look inside and found this. mold inside vosges chocolate Another staff took one and opened it up to find this.

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  7. Only in Japan: Hooters x Hello Kitty

    Only in Japan: Hooters x Hello Kitty

    There are many things in this world that goes well together, peanut butter and jelly, ice cream and root beer, but Hooters and Hello Kitty? Hooters Tokyo is having a Valentine's special Parfait a huge dessert pictured above called the VOLCANO of LOVE and a more manageable size ROCK of LOVE. The promotion part is the first 1000 customer who ordered either desserts will get a free Hello Kitty x Hooters badge pin. Of all the characters in Japan, we would think Hello Kitty would be the least likely to appear in a Hooters ad. But then again Hello Kitty is on everything from toast to massage stick.... [caption id="attachment_1282" align="aligncenter" width="595"]Hooters

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  8. Valentine's Sale Is On!

    Valentine's Sale Is On!

    Happy Valentine's Day from the ToyDemon staff. The Valentine's Day sale is now live with over 100 items in all different categories at huge discounts! In addtion to discounts, we're giving a FREE gift with every order starting Friday! Due to popular demand we are also extending the Maria Ozawa Love Potion promotion! [caption id="attachment_1273" align="aligncenter" width="599"]ToyDemon Valentine's Day Promotion ToyDemon Valentine Free Gift Promotion[/caption]

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  9. Japanese Valentine's Day Gift: Love Udon

    Japanese Valentine's Day Gift: Love Udon

    Nothing says "I Love You" quite like... Udon? A manufacturer in Kagawa prefecture is releasing a "big helping of love" this Valentine's Day with their new "Love Udon". For those who has never had it, Udon is a thick Japanese Noodle served in broth. The Love Udon comes in a serving for 2 in a clear package showing pink and white udon noodles folded in a heart shape. Costing 500 yen(about 6.50USD), it's a bit costly even in Japanese standard and we're not sure it's really that big a helping of love or udon either. Their other product is a cut and cook udon sheet. It's probably more filling and the package looks way cooler. [caption id="attachment_1233" align="aligncenter" width="599"]Love Udon The manufacturer's other product[/caption] information via gyakuuchi

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