1. Overview: HEPS Fantastic System

    Overview: HEPS Fantastic System

    [gallery link="file" columns="2"] The HEPS Kinsey was a revolutionary oral simulation system. HEPS took the many feedback from customers and has upgraded the Kinsey into the new HEPS Fantastic System. It is called Fantastic System because it has a vast amount of innovations and features combined into one Fantastic "Oral Simulation" System. The overall appearance and design simulates the entire mouth system of human. However, the ability of Fantastic goes beyond the limitation of the human mouth. HEPS Fantastic is deeper, opens wider, and more stimulating than human. That's why their motto is HEPS' Only Rival is Human. Fantastic continues where Kinse

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  2. Sneak Preview: Perverted Tomoda Ayaka

    Sneak Preview: Perverted Tomoda Ayaka

    Act Japan has released the newest addition of the Perverted series, with AV actress Tomoda Ayaka (?????). For those of you unfamiliar with the Perverted series, check out the previous products below: Perverted: Marika Perverted: Nishina Momoka - Beginner Perverted: Nishina Momoka - Maniac

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  3. Sneak Peek: Meiki 008 Hibiki Ootsuki

    Sneak Peek: Meiki 008 Hibiki Ootsuki

    Meiki 008 has been released to the world! [caption id="attachment_1854" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Meiki 008 Hibiki Ootsuki Single layer Meiki 008 Hibiki Ootsuki Single layer[/caption]

    This time around the AV star for the Meiki no Shoumei line is Hibiki Ootsuki. Like the Meiki Eiro Chika earlier this year, Meiki Hibiki Ootsuki is a meaty single layer hole rather than the dual layer onahole of the series from Meiki 005-007.

    The interior as expected are full of highly detailed flesh-like texturing. The realism of Meiki is just as evident as ever with the labia lips, G spot, and clitoris. The material is the same soft signature material that other previous Meiki were made from. [caption id="attachment_1853" align="aligncenter" width="500"]
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  4. Sneak Peak: Swap Cock Shooter

    Sneak Peak: Swap Cock Shooter

    Hentai anime parody is not new to Japanese adult toys but isn't a well represented category of items on ToyDemon. There has only been a couple anime parody toy series ever on ToyDemon. We do not carry many parody sleeve as many parody's selling point is the parody while the sleeve are usually very badly made. The current King of parody sleeve is the popular Extreme Impact series. Extreme Impact is a parody of the Ikki Tousen anime series. The actual sleeve's dual layer is well designed and has made it a favorite to many even if they don't know that it is a parody product. Coming soon to ToyDemon is the new anime parody sleeve Swap Cock Shooter. Swap Cock Shooter is the parody of the anime Black Rock Shooter. The sleeve's intricate inter

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  5. Candy Face of Moe - A Nice Try That Comes Up Short

    Candy Face of Moe - A Nice Try That Comes Up Short

    One of the things that customers may not know about ToyDemon is that we actually reject products also. From time to time we are sent samples and demos of new items that never makes it to our site. There are some winners but a lot of losers out there. Some of these products are very unique even if they aren't very good. The ToyDemon blog will feature some of these unique item that didn't make the cut. There has been a number of fellatio simulating products the last couple of years. From ToysHeart's Fera Master to the battery powered Rolling Fella attachment of Rends'

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  6. Akira Elly - New Hole and More (NSFW)

    Akira Elly - New Hole and More (NSFW)

    Akira Elly from the D-Hole series is now featured on NPG's new item called "Perverted Insult 4 Holes". The novelty new product has the realistic anal entrance and a realistic looking vaginal entrance that hides a hidden feature. [caption id="attachment_952" align="aligncenter" width="228"]Perverted Insult 4 Holes Akira Elly Perverted Insult 4 Holes Akira Elly opened up[/caption] When opened up, you will find that there are three unique ending for this product. The top ending simulates a Deep Throating, the left ending simulates a handjob and the right ending simulates vaginal intercourse. T

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