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  1. Always Double-Check Your Address

    Always Double-Check Your Address

    From time to time we want to remind everyone to make sure your shipping address is accurate before you click that button to submit your order. Countless times customers contact us asking why their package have been returned by the shipping carrier or have been delivered yet it's not found anywhere at their location. As we try to resolve these inquiries many times it was due to an incomplete address weather a unit/apt number was left out or a completely wrong house number etc. In many cases where the packages have delivery issues due to wrong address information submitted by customers, they usually end up having to pay for address change fees, return shipping cost as well as additional cost to re-send the package depending on each situation.

    Nothing is more frustrating when that package you've been expecting at the doorstep does not arrive all because of something that could've been easily avoided.


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  2. New Shipping Promotion For International/AK/HI Customers

    New Shipping Promotion For International/AK/HI Customers

    As you may know from our previous blog post about shipping that we are constantly brainstorming about possible ways to help our customer lighten the shipping cost load. Free Shipping through all its different versions have been enjoyed by our customer in the contiguous U.S. for many, many years but those outside the lower 48 states always ask what about us the international (and AK/HI) customers?

    The obvious reason free shipping can't be offered to all is that shipping cost differs greatly once outside the invisible lines of the 48 states. For example, we have many Canadian that asked "I live just a few minutes from the US border, can I get free shipping?"

    Let's take a look at what happens in this situation. Let's just say a customer that lives in Washington state 5 mins from the border and another that lives 5 mins from the border on the British Columbia side with both making the same $100 item order.

    Washington shipping is about $18 to $20s with FedEx (at

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