1. Video Review: ToysHeart Fairy Onahole Masturbator

    Video Review: ToysHeart Fairy Onahole Masturbator

    Fairy Onahole Review by Triple X Branded

    I recently hooked up with the great people over at ToysHeart Japan. They were kind enough to send me a box filled with goodies and I could not be happier to do some reviews for them. The last product for review is the Fairy Onahole. A toy that finally allows men to experience what sex with a fairy would feel like. If that sounds as messed up to you as it was for me in my head, then by all means read on. Even though this toy has a bit of a “Weirdo” factor, there are a few other things that weight this toy down.
    Sensation & Feeling: 1.5/5
    The Fairy Onahole has a slightly ribbed texture with a bit of a Y-Stinger at the end o
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  2. Use Condoms: The Musical

    Use Condoms: The Musical

    Alright so it's really not a musical. These Swedish guys are using their creativity to push condom use which is still a good cause. That's one way to "Use Condoms"... but still seems like a waste of it.

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  3. Gold Finger App of Kato Taka

    Gold Finger App of Kato Taka

    "There an app for that" is something most of us has heard of and if you are an i-device owner that seems true for most cases. If you asked in the past "Is there an app to practice my fingering skills against the best?", you were disappointed to find out there's no such app... until now. Kato Taka's Gold Finger!! app has just launched in Japan's app store. [caption id="attachment_1524" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Kato Taka aka Gold Finger Screencaps for Gold Finger!! app[/caption] You might ask who is Kato Taka? He is the most famous Japanese AV actor, and perhaps even the only well known actor even within Japan. He has been given the nickname "Gold Finger" due to his famous fingering skills. It was Kato Taka alone that invented the Japanese Porn Genre "Shiofuki

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  4. Augmented Reality Kinect Big Boobs

    Augmented Reality Kinect Big Boobs

    We posted a news previously about the new Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality game "New Love Plus Date Anywhere Collection". Now there is something called "Kinect AR Kyonyu". Using the developed program, users can use the Kinect with their PC to Augment big breasts on a person. The big breast mode is activated with your arms in a "flex" pose. The AR breast will correspond with touching and turning of the body. Check the video out for the demo of this AR big breast. information and video via Kinect Kyonyu

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  5. Sexy Cosplay: Ronald McDonald

    Sexy Cosplay: Ronald McDonald

    Cosplay has been popular in Asia for some time. Cosplay is short for "Costume Play" and is the art of dressing in character costume. In recent years, we've seen the trend of sexier and sexier costume in cosplay. With AV actresses like Akira Elly picking up the art, we can see that cosplay is only going to get better. [caption id="attachment_1299" align="aligncenter" width="599"] Akira Elly as Super Sonico[/caption] It is really amazing to see how cosplay can turn any character sexy; i.e. Ronald McDonald. [caption id="attachment_1298" align="aligncenter" width="599"] Sexy Ronald McDonald Cosplay[/caption] Just google "cosplay" and your favorite character's

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  6. PAIN and PLEASURE: Dilemma by Project COALA

    PAIN and PLEASURE: Dilemma by Project COALA

    Project COALA is a coalition of arts and creative professionals that aim to work across fields of knowledge and expertise.  The recent installation in the project is Dilemma. Dilemma spurts insights on polarized themes: are PAIN and PLEASURE, opposed to SEX and VIOLENCE, truly extremes and how thin is the line between TABOO and SELF-EXPRESSION? Denying any resolution of these questions, Dilemma thrusts us into a position where we oscillate between ADMIRATION and DISGUST. Project COALA 2 It is a series of clear, shaft-like objects designed and crafted by hand. From a distance, Dilemma intrigues with its transparency and apparent fragility. Yet this transparency blurs recognition of its true shape while revealing

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  7. Japanese Valentine's Day Gift: Love Udon

    Japanese Valentine's Day Gift: Love Udon

    Nothing says "I Love You" quite like... Udon? A manufacturer in Kagawa prefecture is releasing a "big helping of love" this Valentine's Day with their new "Love Udon". For those who has never had it, Udon is a thick Japanese Noodle served in broth. The Love Udon comes in a serving for 2 in a clear package showing pink and white udon noodles folded in a heart shape. Costing 500 yen(about 6.50USD), it's a bit costly even in Japanese standard and we're not sure it's really that big a helping of love or udon either. Their other product is a cut and cook udon sheet. It's probably more filling and the package looks way cooler. [caption id="attachment_1233" align="aligncenter" width="599"]Love Udon The manufacturer's other product[/caption] information via gyakuuchi

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  8. Best Electoral Debate Ever?

    Best Electoral Debate Ever?

    It is hard these days to not hear anything about politics here in USA. Sometime it's refreshing to hear the lighter side of politics. The town of Taranto in Italy is having a election for mayor next month. The incumbent Ippazio Stefano will be against Amandha Fox(pic left) and Luana Borgia(pic right); two sexy AV stars. Like politics everywhere, both women have had plenty of mud slinging at each other. However they are putting a new twist on the traditional political debates. In addition to discussing major issues with the local voters, there will be a pole-dancing dance off. That's right, these ladies will be pole-dancing for local votes. It's by far the best political debate ever in Taranto or anywhere else. info via Business Insider

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  9. FLESHLiPad Holder: Combining Males' Favorite Objects (NSFW)

    FLESHLiPad Holder: Combining Males' Favorite Objects (NSFW)

    It was bound to happen, someone spending time with an iPad and Fleshlight will eventually get the idea to combine the two. The resulting idea is the FLESHLiPad Holder. Play your favorite POV(point of view) porn like If Mei Haruka Is My Girlfriend on your iPad with the Fleshlight mounted and you're good to go. Hm... that reminds me, where is the company iPad? It's important to state now that it is only a concept and not endorse by Fleshlight or Apple. This post is for entertainment purposes

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  10. Self Healing iPhone Case From Japan

    Self Healing iPhone Case From Japan

    Around this time of year, there are a lot of news floating around about the latest and greatest technology and innovations from around the world. The ToyDemon crew loves our gadgets as much as the next techie and has been reading up on all the tech news. In comes this little news from Japan, Nissan(the car company) in a collaboration with Tokyo University and Advanced Softmaterials Inc. has developed an iPhone case able to heal scratches on itself. Set to launch in Japan later this year. We are really interested at trying it out. Whether you're a fan of iPhone or not, this is a niffy feature that could lead to other areas and items in our daily lives. Self Healing iPhone Case Now if we can get some scientists together and figure out how to

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