1. Interesting Stats From OkCupid for 2015

    Interesting Stats From OkCupid for 2015

    It's been a couple weeks since New Years but one of the things we love about January is that many companies post statistics from the previous year. The dating site OkCupid just release some very interesting data from 2015. One stat you may or may not wanted to know is their "People who are virgins" sorted by state. Almost 20% of OkCupid users in Utah claimed to be Virgin. There are many other interesting fact from the breakdown of those who prefers to be tied up rather than the tying, and masturbation frequencies. Checkout their results for all the numbers they collected. info via OkCupid

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  2. Finding Love On A Train?

    Finding Love On A Train?

    Prague's metro system is proposing a new way to meet that special someone. A "Love Train" that is for singles only . It will be running after rush hours offering a possibility to casually meeting that special someone. If all goes as planned, the new train will start operation in the fall of 2013. We think it's a nice idea but don't think it'll work. Then again we don't take public transportation to work so we're not sure how things are on a train. Anyone out there actually met their gf/bf on a train? info via Huffinton Post

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