Learn Japanese Porn Words With ToyDemon: Nakadashi

We realize that there are a lot of times that we refer to some Japanese words in our porn description that only hardcore fan may know. Since not everyone is nose deep in Japanese Porn like we are :), we will explain some of these terms here on the Blog. Remember searching the word will result in very NSFW(Not Safe For Work) results. We gave a lot of thought about which word to use for our first "Learn Japanese Porn Words With ToyDemon". After some consideration, we decided on the word "Nakadashi". The word or term Nakadashi (Kanji: ???) can be broken up into "Naka" meaning inside or within and "Dashi" meaning come out or exit. Put them together and it's pretty easy to understand its meaning; "come out inside" or basically ejaculate inside the vagina. Within Japanese porn context, it means more than the action of ejaculating inside. When a Japanese porn use this term, it means that the action will be without the use of condom. Condom use is common in Japanese porn and it is mor

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