1. BJ Offered As Tip For Waiter (NSFWish)

    BJ Offered As Tip For Waiter (NSFWish)

    Waiting tables here in the USA can be tough. Most depend on their tip for the entirety of their income. A recent video has been making its rounds online about one (lucky?) waiter at what looks like a diner and his tip. This tip came in the form of an offer for BJ which he gladly accepted in the video above. The video has been censored for language and to block the identity of the female in the video so it's only NSFWish. That must have been some service the waiter gave.

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  2. Happy March 14th 2013

    Happy March 14th 2013

    Happy March 14th, 2013 everyone. You may ask what's so special about today. Well, if you are in Asia, today would be White Day. In you are in the western world, today would be Steak and BJ Day... White Day In Japan, Valentine's day in Japan is a day where females would buy/make chocolate for their male partner, male bosses, or any other males they have to be nice to. The Japanese candy industry decided to market a new holiday on March 14th where guys would reciprocate with gifts of white chocolate.(why it's called "White Day") After a few years of luke-warm response, White Day has finally been accepted into the general public in recent years. Steak and BJ Day In the west, today is known to some as Steak and BJ Day. There's even a website for i

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