Sex Dolls in Today's Market
When speaking of sex dolls, for as long as we can remember ever since we were a bunch of naughty teenagers is that blondie blow-up doll with a "O" shape mouth which can be used for oral sex. We can only say that most of us buy these for our buddies as a gag gift on special occasions and they do give us good laugh. But over the past decade the adult industry in Asia have been improving so much in the this category and all together the doll industry now is a different beast. The dolls today are more realistic than ever and are designed and built to be very functional in terms of satisfying the user. So just what are some different types of dolls in the market? Well, depending on what one's willing to shelf out of their wallet, there are dolls on the market today ranging from the economy insert-able air doll with sexy poses to torso figured pillow dolls and then to of course the ultra expensive yet unimaginable realistic love dolls. As we have heard stories of people collecting over 100+ love dolls simply because they can't deal with the emotions of real woman and then there was even a person that married a doll... for whatever the reason people may use these dolls for, we're just glad they are much improved today compared to the prehistoric blondie "O" and we can legitimately call them sex dolls.