January 03, 2013

HEPS Fantastic Oral Masturbator by Casquetero

When you see a toy claiming that their only rival is a human, that toy catches your attention. The HEPS Fantastic does that, telling you right away on its packaging that this oral sex simulator is only comparable to the real thing. Are they right? I tested this toy sold in the United States by ToyDemon, so let's go to the review! Packaging & Appearance As always, ToyDemon sent the package in a non-descriptive brown box without any reference to the contents. That was expected. When I opened the package, I found my first surprise. The HEPS does not come in a carton box, but in a plastic case similar to the ones used for DVD collections! Although HEPS is a Korean company, the version I got from ToyDemon has text in Japanese and some lines in English (it says “Japanese edition” so I assume that HEPS made different packages for their markets). The front of the packaging has the photograph of the HEPS Fantastic and the image of a female android while the back has lots of Japanese text with graphics comparing the features of the HEPS Fantastic with the different parts of the human mouth. I loved the comparison because they used colors, showing you what structures of the simulator correspond with the human mouth organs. HEPS Fantastic front cover

 HEPS Fantastic back cover

All that was cool, but still the good stuff was inside the case, so I opened the case to find the masturbator nicely cradled in a plastic grid that turns like the page of a book. Inside the case I also found a booklet of instructions – very detailed, with English titles... and all the rest of the text in Japanese. At least the titles and the detailed drawings in the booklet are pretty good in guiding you on how to use the toy. (For more information check the other blog post by ToyDemon - Overview: HEPS Fanastic)

Once you take the HEPS Fantastic out of its cradle, you realize this toy is unique. It is lighter than most other masturbators and it is one of the most discreet toys in the market. Completely closed, it looks more like a travel-size electric shaver than a sex toy, and with all the text, labels, and designs on the toy plastic case, it can even be mistaken for a computer accessory.

When you remove the entry hole cover is when you finally see it as a sex toy. The meaty white lips pop out and then you can open the masturbator and look at the interior textures. The interior of the mouth is one of the most detailed I had ever seen in an oral simulator. You have some “teeth” at the top part, ridges all around, a tongue with a curvature both at the point and at the mid length and deeper you notice bumps and a tighter section all the way in the back. It is one of those toys that screams “use me”... so I did!
Sensation & Feeling: 5/5
Well, the toy was asking to be used and my little friend wanted to play with the new toy, so I prepared the toy. I was kind of worried when I noticed how close the lips appear to be (I have other oral toys that have holes where you can fit a soda can), but I expected the material to be elastic enough to accept me. After all, my little friend is way thinner than a soda can (5 inches long and about 4.5 inches in diameter). The toy does not come with lubricant, so for the the first run, I used some leftovers from the lube that came with the Meiki® Hibiki Ootsuki. That lube is very, very thick, and last a long time, so I thought it would be a good match for the toy. For the first run, I went with the toy in its basic setup – end wheels on, pressure plates on the same position they arrived – and it was exciting! It felt realistic, although the thick lube shadowed the textures inside the mouth. I can compare that first session with a sloppy blow job from a beginner – not bad, but with room for improvement. For my following sessions, I began to play with the settings while watching an “inspirational” movie about a Japanese reverse gang-bang – you know, more than 20 girls taking turns giving oral sex to a single guy. First of all, I watered the lube so it felt more like saliva, then proceeded to be in a comfortable position and began using the toy in its original configuration. The thinner lube made a whole world of difference – with the thinner lube I could feel the tongue, its ridges, and all the other textures inside the toy. Pacing myself to avoid finishing too soon, I made a single adjustment every time the girl in the movie changed to see if there was a real difference between the settings. First I played with the position of the pressure plates, then with the suction levels by removing the end caps. I can say that there are differences on how the toy feels when you adjust the different settings – and that each one of the settings felt good!
Cleaning & Maintenance: 5/5
The HEPS Fantastic is one of the easiest toys to clean I have seen. Remove the suction caps and flush the interior with running water – everything will pour out through the side holes. The magnetic attachments make detaching the sleeve a breeze, allowing for a fast clean up of both the sleeve and the case (if needed).

After cleaning, the toy dries fast – three to four hours - and the material feels smooth and silky even after a few uses. So far, I haven't use any powder on the toy because it feels smooth to the touch.
Price & Performance: 4/5
The HEPS Fantastic is a pricey sucker (pun intended). It costs about $90, but it is the most realistic oral simulator I have tried so far. When they say “Rival Is Human”, HEPS was not bragging. It is a high quality toy and it shows on its presentation, design, and performance. If you are a fan of receiving oral sex, then you wont regret paying the price.
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.5/5
The HEPS Fantastic is a pricey toy, but it is worth its price. It is extremely innovative, has a realistic performance and to top all, it is perfect for travel thanks to its elegant and discreet design. This toy is definitively a must have for any fan of oral sex.