Ona-Caps!!! A Travel Must~
Ever had the trouble of wanting to use your toys on a trip yet it's just too uncomfortable when traveling with those bulky and indiscreet sex toys? As we know the trend of masturbator sleeves innovation have always been evolving, from the good old days of large, realistic feel, complex interior designed Meiki sleeves to the disposable Ona-Cups which are designed for quick use, abuse and toss (TENGA cups, Girl Style cups etc). Recent months Japanese toy manufacturers have been launching products in a new category of even smaller and simpler masturbator sleeves call Ona-Caps which are designed to be effective yet very discreet in small size which makes them perfect fit for travelers that wants to be discreet about their toy. Although these toys are small, they do stretch very well and gets the job done. Afterall, why should masturbation toys be limited to only used at the discreet of your own home right? Items showing in picture TENGA Eggs Mach 3G Ona Pit Excite Athlete Hole Groomin