New Wish List Features

ToyDemon is always looking to improve our website for our users. For users that uses the Wish List function a lot, we have some good news to announce!

In the past, we have had users ask us to add the ability to sort their Wish List or get notified when things in their Wish List go on sale. Sorry it took so long, BUT it is finally here!

We will explain how the new Wish List works:

1. Ability to maintain multiple Wish Lists.

First of all, in order to add a product to your Wish List, you'll need to register for an account if you don't have one and be signed in to add a product to Wish List.

Save Multiple Wish Lists

When you add a product to your Wish List, a window will pop up giving you the ability to put the product into an existing Wish List or create a new Wish List for the item.

You can have multiple Wish Lists based on your own needs. "Must Buy", "When Cheaper", and etc. Arrange it however you need.

2. Send email alert when products in your Wish List has dropped in price.

This is pretty self explanatory as a lot of other retail shops already have this option.

(Please note that you have to access your Wish List at least once after our update for the Price Alert to work)

Wish List Price Alert

If you do not want to receive any more price alert emails for your Wish List, simply change the option to "Yes" to disable the Price Alert. The ability to turn off the alert will also be available within every email you receive.

3. Ability to move products between Wish Lists.

Once you click into a Wish List, you can use the "Move to" button to move the product into a different Wish List.

Move Product To Different Wish list

Overall, the changes are pretty simple and small. We hope that it will greatly help users who likes to keep track of their Wish Lists making all the more convenient to use.