Incoming Snow Storm!

As some of you in the Midwest are well aware, there's a snow storm coming later today (Thursday) till possibly Saturday.

We are keeping a close eye on the situation but just want to let everyone know about the possible situations we might run into:

-If the snow storm only gives us a few inches of snow, then everything will proceed as usual for ToyDemon on Friday. Though there might be delays shipping and delivery with the carriers as flights are already being canceled in the O'Hare area.

-If the snow storm is as bad as reported and we get a ton of snow, we will close our warehouse on 12/23/22 (Friday) for the safety of everyone here at ToyDemon. Everyone then can enjoy a extra long Xmas weekend. We will resume normal operations on 12/27/22 (Tuesday) as Monday is observed for this Xmas being on a Sunday.

We will be updating as we go.