Happy New Year and Looking at the Future of Sex Toys
Happy New Year from everyone at ToyDemon. As another year past us, many of us looks back to reflect on the past to plan for the future. We at ToyDemon are no different. When the dust settles from the holidays, we look back at all the wonderful sex toy advances of the past year and look at what the new year brings. Science and innovation have improved by leaps and bounds in all areas around the world, from the latest iPhones and smart toothbrushes to 3D printing. All facets of our lives are being improved and made easier. This includes our sexual life and well-being. Old low-tech favorites like sleeves and dildos have been improved with technology and innovation to enhance the sexual pleasures they give. Manufacturers are now tuning their ears to the latest research and technology in hopes to make their dream products possible. These innovation also doesn't mean that everything become "electrified" either. Improvements in tooling/moulding allows extremely complicated sleeve interiors that were never possible a couple of years ago. Completely new sex toys and concepts are being introduced to the market everyday to help you become better in your sexual life. Innovations like Oculus Rift are completely changing the way people have fun and attaining pleasure. These sex toy innovations doesn't just target individuals masturbating either. There are new sex toys that help newly married couples to bring their sexual experience and indulgence to all new levels. Even those experienced with sex toys are finding new technologies that spice up their sexual life. Looking back we saw new toys that simulate human licking. Some female toys are starting to learn from the user like the Minna Ola that knows and remembers what modes, vibration or movement the user like. There are also toys with multiple vibration points and movement to better hit the G spot leading to a better and stronger orgasm. All the while these items are more durable than ever with remarkable longevity using new material and better manufacturing techniques. New technology are also making sex toys much more portable and handy to use. Super powerful vibrator now comes in the size of a lipstick, usb rechargable, and even wirelessly controlled for some great fun during vacations or just a night out. There's even vibrators that matches the vibration to the music you are listening to on your ipod or music player. No matter what your personality or preference is, there's gonna be something available for you. Many of the new innovation for men in recent time targets hands-free, effort-free sexual experience. A10 Piston, Zini Dib, and other similar products allows men to simply sit back, watch your favorite porn, and masturbate without lifting a finger. Manufacturers have also showed off new concept products at trade shows that will lubricate itself throughout use. We expect more innovation in the coming year while virtual reality and interactive sleeves hopefully picks up where the Ju-C Air and Custom Maid were left behind. Sex toys are a great way to improve your life and sexual well being and it beats trying to take some pills with possible side effects promising bigger this or better that. As toys become more popular, the old stigma/taboo attach to them will also lessen. So stay tuned to our blog as we hope to highlight some of the newest innovation for the coming year. As always ToyDemon will continue to bring the latest and greatest sex toys to you from around the world.