Food To Eat or Avoid For A Better Male Sex Performance
Sexologists and psychologists have time and again mentioned that consumption or avoidance  of certain foods can have a huge impact on male sexual performance and his sexual health. A man's diet therefore is critically important if he wants to maximize his performance. We have compiled a list of food to eat or avoid in order to maximize your game. Of course these are our tips and you should always consult a doctor if you think you have any medical issues or concerns. Keep in mind that everything should be taken in moderation and our list is not a replacement for any medical advice. Good Food to Eat for Better Sex Food For Better Male Sex Performance Spinach - This is a great source of magnesium which helps in dilating blood vessels. This means better blood flow to the genitals which means greater arousal. Unsweetened Tea – Tea is a rich source of antioxidant known as catechin which promotes blood flow for better sex as well as improve will power. It helps in creating a better focus and is said to be a great mood enhancer too, quite necessary for optimum performance. Freshly brewed green or black tea also works really well. Peaches, Oranges and Grapefruits – Research has revealed that men who include peaches, oranges and grapefruits in their diet regularly, or have 200 milligrams of vitamin C everyday, have better sperm count, great libido and good motility. Eggs(york) – Men should include eggs in their diet, whether hard boiled, scrambled, or however way you like it. Eggs are richly loaded with vitamin B5 and B6 which help to make sex hormone in the body. Eggs help in reducing stress and anxiety which can otherwise have an adverse impact on sexual performance. Strawberries - Strawberries help in increasing circulation which is important for male sexual functions. These are also rich in antioxidants which are directly linked with increase in sperm count. Cooked Oysters - Oysters are a great source of Zinc which increases testosterone and helps the cells in your body communicate by functioning as a neurotransmitter. However consuming too much zinc can have an adverse effect too so everything in moderation. Good Food to Avoid for Better Sex Foods To Avoid For Better Male Sex Performance Beans - For the obvious gas factor. Beans contain certain sugar molecules that human digestive system can't breakdown. When these sugar reaches the large intestine, it gets broken down by bacteria causing methane. So consumption of beans can lead to gassy feeling, stomach unrest, bloated feeling and a discomfort which can take away focus and attention when you need it most, resulting in poor performance. Methane is also a mood killer. Chocolate – Chocolate is loaded with phenylethylamine and anandamide which can actually trigger sex and physical activity. However, cocoa, present in chocolate has methylxanthines which makes men lethargic and lazy. Chocolates are good mood enhancers for women but certainly not for men. This is probably why chocolates are given at Valentine's Day. Fish – A study has revealed that men should not indulge in seafood before sex as it adversely affects their sexual performance. It is said to erase sex drive completely if consumed in large quantities. Greasy and Fried Foods – Junk food like burgers, pizzas and sodas might taste good but they are not good for sexual performance in men. They are loaded with trans-fat which reduces male libido dramatically. Fried foods interfere with sperm production, makes a person lethargic, tired and sleepy. Men should avoid all greasy and fried food, at least before sex. Popcorn – These might be light and seemingly harmless, but they are definitely not good for the sexual health of men. These can get worst when prepared in microwave since popcorn bags used for the purpose can lower sex drive in men. Popcorns are known to significantly lower the production of sperm and can reduce you activity level too.