Early Black Friday and Free Shipping raised to $75

As we mentioned in our October Perks news post, there are 2 things we are changing in October. In here we will talk about the specifics and the reasons for doing so.

The yearly Black Friday Sale will now be held at the end of October.

Some of you might have already experienced or read in the news, package deliveries in the US has been getting worse and worse.

-Mail Delivery Is About To Get Slower And Pricier Just In Time For The Holidays.

-FedEx Rerouting More Than 600,000 Packages a Day.

In regards to FedEx, ToyDemon has been experiencing a lot of these delivery issues. Currently, almost all the customer service tickets we receive on a day-to-day basis are tickets inquiring the whereabouts of their package. Issues range from packages not receiving any status updates, or status shows the package has moved further away from its final destination, or package marked as delivered but is nowhere to be seen then decides to show up days later.

If we were to keep the original tradition of Black Friday on Thanksgiving weekend along with all the other shops, we feel the delivery issues will only be worse. Hence, we made a decision to move up our Black Friday sale to end of October to avoid the holiday rush, and also for the first time in many years allow everyone at ToyDemon to finally have a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving with their family.

We hope everyone is ok with this change. More details about the Black Friday Sale will be provided later.

Free Shipping Threshold will now be raised to $75.

In ToyDemon's 13 years in business, we have always imported 80+% of our products through ocean shipments as it is the most economical way to import large amounts of products in a reasonable amount of time. In most of 2020 and 2021, because of COVID causing slow down in production, we have had to switch a lot of our shipments over to air shipments despite being way more costly, just so we can keep items in stock. Last year, we raised our free shipping threshold from $25 to $50 in hoping importing cost and delivery issues will get better, but it has only gotten way worse.

For comparison, back in October 2020 we had a 40' ocean container that costed us about $8000 to import. Right now that same container cost $20,000 and we are not even guaranteed of its availability. The cost of importing by either air or ocean has now become absurdly high. Thus, we had to make a decision between raising the price on all products vs. raising the free shipping minimum. We decided in the end that raising the free shipping minimum to $75 is the best course of action for us.

We are aware that this might not be news you want to hear, but it's what needs to be done. We really hope for everyone's sake (merchants, consumers, sex toys, electronics, and etc.) that things will calm down and that stock and prices go back to normal. No one is certain what will happen but we remain positive and will continue to adapt and adjust to remain your one stop shop for onaholes.