By ToyDemon Staff
November 06, 2020

Sorry it took a while to post this next giveaway as we were busy making some exciting website updates (another topic will be posted about the site upgrades here!).

Without further delay, here's Giveaway #16:

How to Enter:

Head over to the Community Giveaway Post #16 

1. Upvote the post.

2. Comment on the post answering the following questions:

-What is the #1 item on your onahole wish list that you are going to purchase next?

-What is the #1 item on your non-onahole wish list that you are going to purchase next? (Mine would be a X-Box Series X or PS5 if I could find one. Sold out before I could pre-order the day they were available.....sigh)

$100 in Reward Point to 5 lucky winners

5 Winners will be randomly picked next month on 12/07/2020.

* One entry per person, any account spamming will result in disqualification.
** You must have a ToyDemon account in order to post in the community.