Big Sperm Collector Or Just A Failed Masturbator
The above video was taken at what we can assume to be some sort of medical device convention in China.  The machine in the video is labeled as a "Sperm Collector". It looks to use some buttons and nobs for controls with a screen. In action, it's pretty much an automatic masturbator moving in and out for you. We are sure there's a medical need for a Sperm collector but this machine doesn't look like it's very useful. You would have to stand up the whole time and be lucky enough to be aligned with the machine. It looks like there's some height adjustment but that's about it. We really want to see how this device came about. If you are a medical profession in need of a "Sperm Collector", save yourself and the patient the trouble and just get a masturbator like the A10 Piston. Same automated movement but a lot less bulk.