2023 ToyDemon Tax Day Sale

Spring is finally here! (well, sort of, since it seems like we are going to get some snow next week in IL......)

Some housekeeping:

1. We have fixed more bugs since last update. Issues like clicking on reviews not going to the reviews, category links on menu button, and many other small issues have now been corrected. We are also working on more features and quality of life changes to hopefully make the site even better to use. If you encounter more bugs, feel free to let us know.

2. There's been another strike at the west coast ports, and from the looks of it, few of our shipments might get affected, however, thankfully we still move quite a lot of our shipments through the air so our stock shouldn't get affected too much.

3. On the community giveaways, for the past 2 giveaways, we have noticed some winners don't actually follow the rules of the giveaway, such as creating an avatar or a public wish list and we ended up having to choose new winners. So please look over the giveaway carefully if you are participating!


With that out of the way, we hope everyone has finished their taxes with some refunds available for some onaholes for our TD (ToyDemon) TD (Tax Day) Sale!


Please use the code below for the Tax Day Sale:

TD15 for $15 off $100
TD40 for $40 off $200
TD75 for $75 off $300

Please note the restrictions for the coupon codes below:

*Each code can only be used once per account. If you cancel your order, the system treats the coupon as used and you cannot re-use it again. So be EXTRA SURE when you submit or decide to cancel your order.
**The cart total required for the coupon does not include Pre-Order items.

Also remember your member perk still works with the coupon code so there's more saving to be had! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.