2022 Black Friday Sale & Updates!

It's that time of the year again!!! If you are seeing this post, that means our Black Friday sale has started for YOU!

Again this year we are doing our Black Friday sale early so that we can somewhat avoid the Black Friday rush and give the TD staff time to chill and relax with their family.

As for the sale, we tried our best to get as many onaholes back in stock for the sale, even if not everything is back in stock, we hope you find something to your liking!

Please note we have disabled our pre-order and special-order products during this sale, as to avoid confusion and splitting of orders, it'll be available again once the sale is over.

Stock Update

So it's been a while since we updated, so we'd like to take this moment to apologize for all the stock situation through out 2022. It's very tough trying to allocate stock out of Japan and we are ordering what is available to us. We have been in constant talks with the manufacturers in Japan and so far the outlook for 2023 isn't so good as we are told the stock situation isn't likely to improve with the current economic situation. We can only try to do the best we can, hope you guys can understand.

As many of you are waiting for Tomax onaholes, we were hoping to get have received our ocean container of Tomax products in time for this sale, but it's just not meant to be. Seems like we will be getting the container around 1st week of December, which we'll have another sale just for the Tomax items since they cannot make it in time. We'll keep you guys updated.

Website Update

As we have mentioned before we have been working hard on our next TD website for the past year+ and if everything goes smoothly we'll have the launch of the new site at the end of the year. There will be many updates and quality of life changes that we hope you'd enjoy. When the time comes, we will have another post explaining all the different new features and changes.

Without further delay, please check out some of the key items on sale below. Remember, everything else is also on sale besides a few exceptions, so check out the whole site!

Remember, you get additional discounts and extra reward points based on your member level for this sale!

Lvl:ActionDiscountRewardsMonthly Perk
Bronze Register 0% 3 Pts/$ N/A
Silver Complete 1 Order 2% 4 Pts/$ 1 Day early access to Black Friday on 11/17 and +2 Reward Points during the Black Friday sale ending 11/20.
Gold $500.00 Spent 3% 5 Pts/$ 2 Days early access to Black Friday on 11/16 and +3 Reward Points during the Black Friday sale ending 11/20.
Platinum $2,000.00 Spent 4% 6 Pts/$ 3 Days early access to Black Friday on 11/15 and +4 Reward Points during the Black Friday sale ending 11/20.
Demon $5,000.00 Spent 5% 8 Pts/$ 4 Days early access to Black Friday on 11/14 and +5 Reward Points during the Black Friday sale ending 11/20.
ALL Write Review - 50 Pts Limited up to 4 Reviews/Day for max of 200 points.

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!