Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 3

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  • Brand: G Project
  • Designed in: Japan
  • Added: End 2023

How to clean and store your masturbator.

*Use only water-based lotion.

Please clean onahole before use.


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More Information
BrandG Project
Country of OriginJapan
Net Weight (lbs)0.88
Dim. (L x W x H in.)6.30 X 2.95 X 2.76
Tunnel Length (In.)4.80
# of Holes1 Hole
Hole DesignClosed Hole
Hole ConstructionSingle Layer
Lotion IncludedYes
Special FeaturesAnime
* Data listed above are received from the manufacturer and are correct to the best of our knowledge. Due to the nature of the items, products received may vary from the above information.

G Project has brought us a wide range of items from the economical Chu! to the futuristic Ju-C Air hand masturbator. They're back for end of 2023 with a new product called Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 3.

Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 3 is a hand held sleeve using a single uniform material construction with a close ended tunnel. Be sure to check out all the pictures above to get a complete idea on the internal design of Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 3.

Made in Japan from quality materials. Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 3 is another welcome addition to G Project's lineup for ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

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already got it on otonajp in short dont get it
8 months ago
Deleted  (  0 )
@yeahnahmate89012 why not
4 months ago
Deleted  (  0 )
@Deleted Agreed, some more insight would be nice considering it's 5 stars across the board
1 months ago
Ok929  (  186 )
Earned 100+ Upvotes Earned 100+ Upvotes Written 10+ Reviews Written 10+ Reviews
@yeahnahmate89012 I think this hole is only for people looking to train their endurance, otherwise it seems you'll be disappointed. That said, I kinda wanna try it.
1 months ago
@Tittielover134 ok so I dug it out and tried it twice. Sure it'll do the job, mochi feel I guess, kinda subjective. But its like they ran out of ideas and went full default generic, like mate look at this thing visually... 5 stars is a stretch for a completely smooth hole in 2024. The lvl 2 zero is actually better imo, it's truly soft like a cloud, has strips for texture, is super loose so rings have a huge impact. They should've improved that idea.

People said it's soft, it's hard to tell because there's no texture, but it seems maybe regular-soft. Good for tight fans but it's tight-dense that spits you out, there's the fuwa ana virgin 1mm which is soft soft but tight-hugging. Someone extremely suffering from PE or very inexperienced would get destroyed by this tightness, get the level 2, train and then move on. Stamina training usually is to improve your real game right? Get a better low stim hole that's more "realistic". Tomax muses line is way better for endurance, puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro, the Maria Nagai. There's new NPG Meiki's that supposedly have slightly more realistic feel with triple layer interiors. These will still train your endurance its not like the virgin zero lineup is special, but it's a better investment that will still be an interesting toy after you move on. Take away the "stamina" theme and this toy has basically nothing but raw tightness like fucking a ball of plastic cheese. If you're into uterus toys... this one is so mild its not even a reason, so many other options. It's also too short just like the lvl. 2, but the lvl. 3 will erupt as you pull out thanks to it's tunnel shape, length and no texture to hold your liquid...

I guess the pros are its tight, compact, easy to clean and dry. It shouldn't be getting sticky or spotty as it's modern durable material and it's not that soft. Probably will keep it for now but I will definitely not be using it.
1 months ago (Edited 1 months ago)
Deleted  (  0 )
@yeahnahmate89012 that makes a lot of sense. Sounds like the stamina training gimmick falls short. Can confirm that the new NPG's are nearing a completely realistic sensation and are probably better for "preparing you" for the real thing.

Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time for this
1 months ago
Julius  (  -1 )
 charging $50 for this is straight up stupid lmao
3 months ago
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