Video Review: Meiki Half Hera Hip Auto Masturbator
I have tried a lot of hip replicas since I stared reviewing for ToyDemon. You would think that after awhile the allure would fade away and be replaced with repetition. That they would all start to look and feel the same with only a few slight differences. Sometimes this does happen and I am faced with mild disappointment. However, no matter how many hip replicas I review I will always have that "carnal" desire to own everyone I see. In order to spice things up and steer clear of repetition I decided to try an auto version hip this go around and ToyDemon was generous enough to send one my way. The Meiki Half Hera Hip Auto has its ups and downs like most toys do. So lets go ahead and break this baby down.
Sensation & Feeling: 3.9/5
The Meiki Half Hera Hip has two realistic tunnels. A closed hole anal tunnel and a through hole designed vaginal cavity. Both have some fairly realistic inner textures. I would say that the anal cavity is the most realistic of the two. It has a nice narrowing path with plenty of ridges that are noticeable. The vaginal cavity reads more like a roller coaster blue print then anything else. It rises and lowers and has all the familiarities you will find with most high end Meikis and hip replicas. For me there wasn't anything new here. Nothing really stood out and said "This is different!" So for me at least the vaginal cavity was a bit of a let down. The biggest drawback or positive to this toy's "sensation" wise, depending on how you look at it, is the fact that this is a doggy style hip. You are not really going to get a lot of positions out of this toy like you would with 3-D style hips like the Meiki Cherry 2 or the Extreme Pleasure Hip. If doggy style is your thing and you really don't care about anything else, then this is for you. For me though, I need a little more playing room. The auto version didn't do a whole lot for me. It was more of a visual stimulation than anything else as watching the ass shake and wiggle at you as you enter the toy was nice. There is a noticeable vibration once you are inside and you can somewhat feel the rotating beads hard at work. There is also a moaning option on the controller. The best way to describe it is...laughable. Just stick to the porn to provide you with your audio stimulation, because this option was laughable.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.2/5
Cleaning any hip can be an utter pain. It's something you need to know before buying a hip. This isn't going to be like your typical Meikis that you can just run under the faucet and call it good. You will have to lug this 12+ lb beauty into the bath tub to flush her out. Having the through hole on the vaginal cavity helps out a lot, but you will have to dig around if you happen to play around in the anal cavity for an extended period of time. There are plenty of tips and tricks to cleaning your toys. The biggest tip I can give you is to pick up a bottle of anti-bacterial toy cleaner. The last damn thing you want is any form of mold growing in your toy. So for the love of god get some.
Price & Performance: 4.0/5
The Meiki Half Hera Hip ranks as one of the most expensive hip replicas on ToyDemon. If I have never owned the EPH, I think I would have ranked this baby higher. Given the fact that it is limited in its positions it's hard for me to love this toy. However, I tried to push all of that out of my mind and rate this on the basis of what this toy actually is, which is a doggy style hip replica. As such it hits all the marks. You have the wonderful life-like feeling of the hip that is a pleasure to use and grip on to. Even though it is much smaller than an actual real woman's hip, it is still nice for what it is. Being an ass man, I did enjoy watching the auto mechanism allow her ass to shake at me.
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.1/5
I will sum this up as fast as I can. As a doggy style hip this will do it for you. If you want more range of sexual positions, I would recommend the EPH. It all boils down to the $299.95 price tag and which one you would want more. Even though the Meiki Half Hera Hip Auto stands out as the best doggy style hip I have ever owned, my personal desires requires more. So with that said it all lands on what your personal tastes are. If your into doggy style this is for you.