By ToyDemon Staff
July 01, 2021

2021 is already half over! So far in June we were able to get a decent amount of onaholes back in stock (ocean shipments that we ordered in December and January!). Hopefully these will last for a little bit.

As for Tomax, we are expecting a small air shipment to arrive within 2 weeks. So if you have been waiting for Tomax onaholes, please make sure you hit those "Notify Me" and act quickly once you get those emails!

For July, we will be giving additional discounts on all lotions, here are the perks for July:

Lvl:ActionDiscountRewardsMonthly Perk
Bronze Register 0% 3 Pts/$ Receive 500 Reward Points ($5) when you first register.
Silver Complete 1 Order 2% 4 Pts/$ Additional 15% discount on Lotions. Ends 7/31/21.
Gold $500.00 Spent 3% 5 Pts/$ Additional 18% discount on Lotions. Ends 7/31/21.
Platinum $2,000.00 Spent 4% 6 Pts/$ Additional 19% discount on Lotions. Ends 7/31/21.
Demon $5,000.00 Spent 5% 8 Pts/$ Additional 20% discount on Lotions. Ends 7/31/21.
ALL Write Review - 50 Pts Limited up to 4 Reviews/Day for max of 200 points.