1. GuyFi Masturbation Booth In New York

    GuyFi Masturbation Booth In New York

    With 39% of workers masturbating at work, it seems like many people are too sexually stressed. The company Hot Octopuss has turned the former phone booth in New York into a "GuyFi" booth. What's Guyfi you ask? It's a male masturbation booth offering privacy in the form of curtains and high-speed internet connection if you need some HD porn. We can think of a few more things to add to the booth, like a heater? The booth seems to have debuted recently and everyone in the picture has winter coats on so it would be mighty cold to use this right now. What do you think? Would you masturbate in public even in a semi private manner? GuyFi Masturbation Booth In NY sunny day

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  2. Over One-Third Of People Masturbate At Work

    Over One-Third Of People Masturbate At Work

    According to the survey given by TimeOut, 39 percent of people masturbate at work. 39 percent! That's a disturbingly large percentage. Just imagine all the places you've ever worked at and the amount of co-workers, 39% of those likely masturbated there. We supposed masturbation on the go is easier than ever. With everyone having smartphones now and all the free porn you would ever want online, masturbation on the fly is easier than ever. Especially with tons of compact discreet mastubators you can get like TENGA Pocket, or Groomins. Of course we believe that the condition and cleanliness of the work bathroom itself has a large affect on the percentage, but then again we might be underestimating ever

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  3. TYSO: Robot Lookout During Masturbation

    TYSO: Robot Lookout During Masturbation

    This video from the ONION is obviously a fake meant to be funny but at least a few out there wished you had something like it in the past. Let's see how true this is in the future. "In a few years you'll forget what it was like to masturbate without a small robot patrolling your house." "cough cough" "ahem" "yawn" Steel Quills! video via the ONION on YouTube

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