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Shigoku no Chikara

Shigoku No Chikara (Power of Shigoku) is a new hip for the Shigoku series to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the original Shigoku Hip.

$ 389.95


Shigoku No Chikara (Power of Shigoku) is a new hip for the Shigoku series in quite a long time. The original Shigoku Hip and Super Shigoku are hips that although popular when first released 15 years ago, were long due for an upgrade. To celebrate the 15 years anniversary of the Shigoku series, a newly designed Shigoku is final available called Shigoku No Chikara.

The Shigoku No Chikara Hip is a realistic looking hip with functional vaginal and anal tunnel. Both vaginal and anal tunnel are line with realistic looking flesh wrinkles and bumps. The vaginal structure is dual-layer with various tightening points and cervix like structure at the end. This dual-layer construction is design to use a harder more stimulating material lining the inside while having a softer, more life-like material on the outside giving you the best of both worlds. The anal structure is linear and single layer designed to be tighter.

At over 10 pounds, it is hefty for a more realistic pounding experience. Made in Japan using quality material, Shigoku No Chikara is a welcomed addition for ship masturbators.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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