Quick Dry Stick

  • Name: Quick Dry Stick
  • Designed in: Japan
  • Brand: NPG
  • Added: Beginning 2019
  • Special Feature: Drying

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As drying is an important part of the clean up, many brands are using this opportunity to unveal their version of dry stick. This time it's NPG version called Quick Dry Stick.
NPG's Quick Dry Stick's difference from others on the market is that embedded within the stick are activated charcoal. For those that wants activated charcoal in their drying stick, NPG's Quick Dry Stick would be your choice. The drying instructions for Quick Dry Stick are similar to other drying sticks on the market.

How to Use:
After washing and draining excess water from your onahole
- Insert the Quick Dry Stick into the onahole gently (excessive pressure can cause crack or breakage of the drying stick)
- Check every 30 seconds on the progress of the water absorption
- Once most water is absorbed, remove the rod to let it dry naturally before next use

Please note:
- Fine powder may come off the product during it's lifetime but it will not create any issue for the functionality of the product.
- Do not leave the drying stick in your toy for more than it needs to. This may cause excessive oil from the toy to stick to the drying stick and decrease it's water absorbing ability.
- The Drying stick can only absorb a finite amount of water before it needs time to dry off until next use.

*Warning: Handle with care, the rod is made from a brittle material which can break if dropped or bend with abundant force.

More Information
Brand NPG
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 5.91 x 0.51 x 0.51 in.
Special Features Drying
Warranty None
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