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Puni Ana 3D

  • Feel So Good Brand

  • three different material design

  • close hole design

  • vaginal tunnel design

  • scaled body

  • skeletal structure

Feel So Good is back on ToyDemon for Summer 2016 with a hand held sized followup to the Puni Ana SPDX called Puni Ana 3D.

$ 36.95


It has been some months since ToyDemon introduced Feel So Good and their Puni Ana SPDX to America. They're back for Summer 2016 with a hand held sized followup called Puni Ana 3D.

The original Puni Ana SPDX has a three material, “U” Shape tunnel, and embedded “skeleton brace” inside. For Puni Ana 3D, they were able to implement the three material and embedded “skeleton brace” construction into the smaller scaled masturbator sleeve.

Like the SPDX, Puni Ana 3D's tunnel is made using a three section double dual layer design. Dual layer is where the outside of the masturbator is made from one material while the inner tunnel is lined with a different material. This type of construction has the advantage of having a certain tactile feel when gripping the sleeve while the material inside create a sensation not possible with the outer material. The first half of Puni Ana 3D's interior layer increases the hardness slightly and is lined with various sized nubs for stimulation. The back half's interior layer increases the hardness many folds and is lined with twisting, organic looking ribs for more tightness and stimulation.

Within the Puni Ana 3D is a hidden and rigid “skeleton brace”. This brace keeps the sleeve from bending and flopping during use. This structure will also make the interior tighter by limiting the interior layer's expansion through it's specially designed slotted design in the brace.

Puni Ana 3D is another great addition from Feel So Good and a must for those looking for a tight hand held sleeve.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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