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Omotenashi Mewiki 02 Hinata Tachibana

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  • Brand: NPG
  • Designed In: Japan
  • Series: Omotenashi Mewiki
  • Added: End 2014
  • Special Feature: AV Actress

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*Use only water-based lotion.

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More Information
Country of OriginJapan
Dim. (L x W x H in.)6.00 x 3.75 x 3.00
# of Holes1 Hole
Hole DesignClosed Hole
Hole ConstructionDual Layer
SimulationVaginal, Fantasy
Lotion IncludedYes
Special FeaturesAV Actress
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Body shaped masturbator is all the rage in 2014 as the body shaped Julia + entered the masturbator top charts last year. Not to be out done, NPG has release their new series for 2014 called Omotenashi Mewiki. This is the 02 version with the lovely Hinata Tachibana.

Called Omotenashi Mewiki which is made up two phase, the first is the recent Japanese buzz word Omotenashi which kinda translate as the Japanese sense of empathic hospitality. The second phrase Mewiki can be considered as the female genitals. Putting the two phase together makes it a very appropriate name for NPG's new series.

Omotenashi Mewiki 02 Hinata Tachibana uses the S class beauty Hinata Tachibana as its muse. The outside appearance of the sleeve uses two different body scales. The top half is a scaled down of the lovely Hinata Tachibana breasts. The bottom half is a life sized scale of her vagina.

The inner construction of Omotenashi Mewiki is a dual-layer design. Dual-layer design is where the outside of the masturbator is made from a soft material while the inside is lined with a harder more stimulating material. This made it possible to have a nice and soft tactile feel when holding the masturbator while the inside is more stimulating due to the second material.

The tunnel and the texture of Omotenashi Mewiki 02 Hinata Tachibana can be described as a tunnel of craziness. At the inside of the entrance is what ToyDemon calls the Virgin Webbing. This webbing of bands create a gentle choke points right at the entrance. Go through this webbing to find a forest of random bands going from one side of the tunnel to the other in the middle section. Fans of NPG would know that their Hidachitukko Plus earlier this year used this unique tunnel design. Combine this with flesh like bumps along the wall to create an unique sensation from other sleeves on the market.

This is great sleeve for those looking for something a little different and a must for fans of Hinata Tachibana. This sleeve is also a great companion to her uncensored DVDs here on ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

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