Monster Wet Pocket Omega Winding

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  • Name: Monster Wet Pocket Omega Winding
  • Designed in: Japan
  • Brand: Magic Eyes
  • Series: Monster
  • Added: Pre 2014
  • TD Rating: 4 of 5
  • Special Feature: Anime

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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Magic Eyes unique design combine realistic skin and flesh looking textures and upgrade them to stimulating new heights. The end result is a series of onahole that has become a fan favorite. The Monster Wet Pocket is their new compact sleeve series for fall 2013. This is the second part of the "Wet Docking" sleeve called Monster Wet Pocket Omega Winding.

This sleeve is called Omega Winding due to the up and down tunnel design like the greek letter omega ?. This 3D tunnel structure is line with the same crazy bumps and grooves people expect from Magic Eyes but scaled downed to better fit the function of a compact sized sleeve. Monster Wet Pocket is a dual layer construction item similar to the Sujiman Kupa series from Magic Eyes. This dual-layer design allow a softer material on the outside but a more stimulating thin set material on the inside. Dual-layer design basically gives you the best of both worlds.

Monster Wet Pocket's "Wet Docking" means that the 8 Spiral and Omega Winding can be "docked" together to be used at the same time. Monster Wet Pocket Omega Winding is the second part and is a closed hole sleeve. This means that the tunnel ends inside the item. The benefit of a closed hole is that it allows for more suction feeling during use. Being a closed hole, Omega Winding would be used on the end after passing through the Monster Wet Pocket 8 Spiral. The outer surface has the same monster like appearance as other Monster Wet items. Monster Wet Pocket Omega Winding is a great addition to the Magic Eyes' unique masturbator series.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

More Information
Brand Magic Eyes
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 4.5 x 2 x 2
TD Rating 4 of 5
Special Features Anime
Warranty None
Material TPE
Product Size Small ( < 6 in.)
Hole Construction Dual Layer
Hole Design Closed Hole
# of Holes 1
Usability Reusable
Lotion Included Yes
Softness 7
Simulation Vaginal, Fantasy
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