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Monster Wet Chimera Plus

Magic Eyes is hot off the trail of the popular Monster Wet Chimera by releasing a Dual Layer version called Monster Wet Chimera Plus.

$ 32.95


Monster Wet Chimera was Magic Eyes' first cross over product. Chimera is a mythical creature made up of different animals. Magic Eyes used this term to describe their collaboration with Ride Japan making the original Monster Wet Chimera. Now Magic Eyes is releasing the Dual Layer version follow up called Monster Wet Chimera Plus.

Monster Wet Chimera combines Ride Japan's Bungee Touch material with their signature interior design. Ride Japan's Bungee Touch material is the same material used in their other items on ToyDemon like Anal Sensei, and the WAZ series. Bungee Touch is very soft, stretchy, more durable, and safe. The Monster Wet Chimera Plus add a new stimulating inner material for its dual layer construction.

The textures of the tunnel is the same as the original Chimera and as expected from being in a Magic Eyes' Monster Wet lineup. Bumps, grooves, folds, and nubs line the entire tunnel in seemingly monster-like pattern. In addition, a spine like row of ribs rotates down the tunnel for a unique stimulation now being more stimulating.

From the outside, the shape of Monster Wet Chimera Plus looks the same as the original Monster Wet Chimera. Round textured nodes pops out between vein like lines looking like something from a Monster movie. Once again Magic Eyes adds another great option in Monster Wet Chimera Plus to their Monster Wet series.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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