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Meiki® Plush DX

  • Meiki® Plush series

  • soft material surface

  • new easier insertion design

  • form update with head and arm

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ToyDemon's Research and Design Team's mission has always been to improve your adult lifestyle through simple yet innovative solutions. We're proud to announce a new addition to the Meiki® Plush lineup called Meiki® Plush DX.

$ 249.95


To celebrate the launching of this preorder, we are doing a Thanksgiving Preorder Special with the biggest discount we'll ever offer on this item plus the bonus reward points!

ToyDemon's Research and Design Team's mission has always been to improve your adult lifestyle through simple yet innovative solutions. Our unique sleeve holding and inserting solutions in the original Plush Doll and Plush Hip can now be found in many other dolls on the market. It is only logical for us to combine our innovations into the next evolution of Plush Doll called Meiki® Plush DX.

The Onawrap we developed for the original Meiki® Plush made the inserting of soft masturbator sleeves easier. Compared to all the other dolls of the time, Onawrap cut the time needed to put the sleeve in considerably saving everyone time and frustration. However the Onawrap wasn't perfect and with the Meiki® Plush Hip, we tackled this problem again. The solution was making the tunnel of the Plush Hip through the entire hip with a closeable exit on the other side. This simple design change makes inserting your sleeve extremely easy. Simply unzip the exit, place your hand into and out the other side, hold your sleeve, and pull the sleeve in place. It was that simple.

Implementing this design into a larger body without changing the insertion angle and the doll's experience wasn't easy. After many generations of prototype testing and a redesign of interior anchors, Meiki® Plush DX was born.

The tunnel wasn't the only change in the Meiki® Plush DX, many customers have asked us for a head on the doll for placing masks and wigs on for added fantasy possibility and we've add it for the Meiki® Plush DX. Arms has also been added to complete the visual look of the doll. You will notice that the legs of Meiki® Plush DX are still cut off at the thighs. After extensive testing, we found that having cut off at the thighs still offer the best angles for use and the most variety of positions without having legs getting in the way.

Many of the other great features from the original Meiki® Plush Doll has returned for the Plush DX. The opening of the hole can be tighten with the rope cross threaded around the entrance. The cross threading makes it easier to tie the ropes as well as providing a stronger hold on the sleeve. Meiki® Plush DX uses the same super-soft plush fabric to provide the most comfortable and gentle feel on your skin. The interior stuffing is dense and gives a life-like firmness when pressure is applied. The size and proportion is big enough to fit real clothing and underwear on it. With all these features and upgrade combined together on the Meiki® Plush DX, the Meiki® Plush series continue to offer a usability, portability, and flexibility unlike any other.

*Please note that Meiki® Plush DX will NOT come with Onawrap since it is no longer needed with the new through tunnel design. Masturbation sleeve, clothing, and mask/wig accessories are not included with this item.


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