Unbearable Lip Doll

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  • Brand: MUNI
  • Designed In: Japan
  • Added: Beginning 2018
  • Special Feature: Anime
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More Information
Country of OriginJapan
Dim. (L x W x H in.)5.51 x 2.76 x 2.76
# of Holes1 Hole
Hole DesignClosed Hole
Hole ConstructionDual Layer
Lotion IncludedYes
Special FeaturesAnime
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It's been sometime since Muni's Lip Doll made its debut on ToyDemon for Summer 2016. Muni is back with their sequel in the series for Spring 2018 called Unbearable LipDoll.

Unbearable LipDoll is Muni's second take of an oral design sleeve to reproduce the pleasure of the oral experience. The lips, teeth, tongue, and throat areas has been reproduced on Unbearable LipDoll's sleeve design. Several changes has been made on the material construction of the sleeve compared to the first LipDoll. The teeth are made from a harder material than the sleeve to increase realism. The inner tunnel of the sleeve is dual layer compared to the single layer design of the original. If you are not familiar with dual-layer construction design, it is where the outside of the masturbator is made from a softer feeling material while the inside has a harder more stimulating material. This makes it possible to have a nice and soft tactile feel when holding the masturbator while the inside gives a more stimulating experience that's not possible with the outer material.

The interior tunnel follow the oral structure as mentioned previously. The entrance has a lip appearance. Open the lips to find a row of "teeth" at the top and bottom within the entrance leading to the mouth cavity. The main mouth cavity has a tongue structure with a uvula like node at the end of the mouth cavity. Move past the mouth cavity and the tunnel tightens to produce the experience of throat muscles tightening around your penis.

The packaging features the hentai art of oekakizuki for your viewing pleasure. Made in Japan with quality, soft material, ToyDemon is happy to bring Muni's Unbearable LipDoll to everyone outside Japan.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

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