Kametsu no Yaiba Fangs

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The Kametsu no Yaiba is a parody blowjob onahole of the ultra popluar Demon Slaye (Kimetsu no Yaiba) anime.

  • Brand: Tamatoys
  • Designed in: Japan
  • Added: End 2020
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More Information
Country of OriginChina
Net Weight (lbs)0.71
Dim. (L x W x H in.)5.91 x 2.76 x 2.56
Tunnel Length (In.)4.35
# of Holes1 Hole
Hole DesignClosed Hole
Hole ConstructionDual Layer
Lotion IncludedYes
Special FeaturesAnime
* Data listed above are received from the manufacturer and are correct to the best of our knowledge. Due to the nature of the items, products received may vary from the above information.

The Kametsu Yaiba Fangs are out and ready to go down on your rod to suck everything out of you so nobody else but her will have your semen. Aside from her soft teeth and the slippery tongue, the tip of her fangs will also massage your shaft unlike other oral onaholes in the past. The Kametsu no Yaiba Fangs is also a dual layered onahole to provide the best feeling as she sucks you dry.

In case you are unfamiliar with two layered or dual-layer onahole design, it is where the walls of the tunnel is made from a different material than the rest of the item. This type of design allows for one material that may produce a better tactile feel on the outside while another lines the inner tunnel for a better experience during use. Be sure to check out all the pictures above to get a complete idea on the internal design of Kametsu no Yaiba Fangs.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

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