Girl In The Box (Hard Edition)

83% of 100
  • Brand: Magic Eyes
  • Designed In: Japan
  • Series: Girl in the Box
  • Added: Beginning 2014
  • TD Rating: 4 of 5
  • Special Feature: Anime

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For those who didn't know about the original, here's a quick story about its weird name. Way back there was a Japanese Movie named "Female trapped in a box". Whoever did the English translation named it "Girl in the box". The "in a box" image is the basis for the original product as it is a scaled down version of a female stuck in a box....

The overall shape is blockish with slight contours. Girl In the Box is a single-hole product but the enlarged size of the toy gives it a increase in tightness. The walls are lined with various realistic looking textures. The diameter of the tunnels varies throughout to create multiple tightness spots. The tunnel structure is dual-layer design with softer material on the outside while a more stimulating material lines the inside of tunnel giving you the best of both worlds.

The Hard Edition as the name implies, it is made from a more springy and less give material. This make the item much tighter and more stimulating than the original. Girl In The Box also comes in an awesome looking "Magic Box". Fans of the original should not miss this chance as the hard edition is only available for a limited time.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

More Information
Country of OriginJapan
BrandMagic Eyes
Dimension (L x W x H in.)5.75 x 3.25 x 3
TD Rating4 of 5
Special FeaturesAnime
Product SizeMedium ( 6 - 10 in.)
Hole ConstructionDual Layer
Hole DesignClosed Hole
# of Holes1 Hole
Lotion IncludedYes
Softness6 Softness
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