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Magic Eyes is back with another sleeve for your masturbation pleasure called Maiden. This sleeve is designed with a hymen layer for breaking.

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Magic Eye's unique lineup has made them a favorite for many masturbator fans on ToyDemon since we introduced them to America. This time they are back with a “Virgin” sleeve called Maiden. Maiden is another first for Magic Eyes being its first masturbation sleeve with a hymen layer and red color lotion inside for your cherry popping pleasure.

The tunnel of Maiden is relatively linear with a slight wavy design at the beginning. The inner textures of Maiden are various sized flesh looking textures arranged in random looking patterns. The highlight of the tunnel's texture is at the 40% point. This is Maiden's best stimulation zone with a complex mixtures of channels, ribbed grooves, and nubs.

As mentioned previously the entrance of Maiden has a layer that must be broken through on first use(be careful if using any sharp objects to poke through). Inside is a reddish colored lotion to simulate the sleeve's virgin experience. Maiden is a through hole design where the tunnel goes through the entire sleeve. Through hole sleeve makes cleaning after use extremely easy. Simply flush water through continuously until clean. At the “neck” end of the sleeve is another thin layer that can be broken through to complete the through hole design.

The outside of Maiden is a scaled down body shape form similar to many others from Magic Eyes. The Maiden name is a humorous take on the sleeve's design. Being in the shape of a body and requiring sharp objects to poke into like an ancient iron maiden device. The outer packaging is also designed to reflect the sleeve being in an iron maiden. Another unique design from Magic Eyes for your masturbating pleasure.


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