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I Want To Be Double Penetrated!

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Tamatoys newest onahole for 2013 “I Want To Be Double Penetrated!” is unbashful in stating its purpose.


The onahole is a two-holed item that offering two different experience with the same item. “I Want To Be Double Penetrated” has a vaginal and anal like entrance each with distinctive tunnels. The vaginal tunnel has a realistic looking texture on its wall. The beginning has a choke point that leads into a small nub chamber. Passed this chamber to find a set of parallel ribbing that product a mellow experience. Right before the tight ending is a set of ribbed choke point for more simulation at the end of every stroke. The anal tunnel is mainly lined throughout with tiny ribs with a vacuum chamber at the end for increased suction feeling during use. Simply squeeze the air out as you entered to take full advantage of the vacuum chamber.

Made with a soft material, “I Want To Be Double Penetrated” is a great addition to the Tamatoys lineup.

*Use only water-based lotion with this product.


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