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Honey For Bath Nuru Gel

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ToyDemon is excited to add Honey for Bath to add more scented option for your bath time fun.


The bath-water thickening has been popular in Japan for some time. Honey for Bath is another great option with many different available scent. There are 7 scents for Honey for Bath:
-Blue Original
-Red Cranberry
-Pink Peach
-Orange Orange
-Yellow Banana
-Green Melon
-Purple Grape

The thickness of the water will depend on the ratio of Honey for Bath to water.

*For novelty purposes only.

Please take the following caution with Honey for Bath:

-Honey for Bath may stain clothing, keep off clothes.
-If there is any discomfort or irritation during use, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
-The bath tub may become very slippery, please be careful during use.
-Do not ingest Honey for Bath or Honey for Bath water.
-Rinse with water immediately if the Honey for Bath or Honey for Bath water gets in your eye.
-Do not use with Jacuzzi or any bath tub with mechanical devices.
-Keep away from children.

Ingredients: Sodium polyacrylate, Glycerin, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Extract, Propylene glycol, Ethyl alcohol, Coloring, Perfume.


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