ToyDemon Weekly Giveaway: TENGA Eggs Season 1 & 2 Masturbator Onacap "Updated With Winner"
This week we are going to be giving away the ever so popular TENGA Eggs Season 1 & Season 2. So for this week, we are going to have the same giveaway rules, but with a little twist. We want to see if anyone actually bothers reading through this whole post or just simply going through the motions to just like/follow us and leave a random comment/RT. So the usual still stands: -Follow us on Twitter and tweet this post. (If you are already a follower, all you need to do is tweet this post.) OR -Like our Facebook page and leave a comment on the corresponding post for "ToyDemon Giveaway: TENGA Eggs Season 1 & 2 Masturbator Onacap". (If you already liked us, just leave a comment.) Remember, you need to like our page! Now comes the twist: On your comment or tweet, please include the name of any 1 of the 6 TENGA Egg styles from the giveaway. The winner will be picked randomly and announced via Twitter, Facebook and on the blog next Friday.  (TD Giveaway prize will ship only to US residents. Canadian and Australian/NZ residents will receive the retail worth of the prize in Gift Certificate for use on Edit: Seems like very few actually read through the post, so good on those who did. Congrats to Kevin Chung of Facebook for winning the giveaway. Please PM us for further instructions.