18 Dream Dual Layer

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  • Brand: KOKOSTOY
  • Designed In: South Korea
  • Added: Pre 2014
  • TD Rating: 4 of 5


18 Series has finally arrived at ToyDemon. This is the Dream version.

Called Dream because it was designed to be best used with your eyes close. Along the outside of the hole are various sculpted vaginal lips. This allows you to add tactile stimulation when using the item.

The design on the interior path is a wavy structure that emphasize pressure at several area. The textures of the wall are large ribs of many different direction with deep grooves in between. These grooves help retain lotion during use. Toward every bump of the tunnel's wave design, you will find a nub lined area with a "sucker" like structure for more stimulation going in of every stroke.

There are two version available, the lighter "Baby Skin" single layer Meiki 18 Dream and the darker colored "Real Skin" dual layer Meiki 18 Dream. The dual layer uses a harder material in the inside wall for even more stimulation. Please pick the version you want by the color picker above before adding to cart.

*Please note that this product does not come with any lube or lotion.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

More Information
Country of OriginSouth Korea
Dimension (L x W x H in.)7.25 x 3.5 x 3
TD Rating4 of 5
Product SizeMedium ( 6 - 10 in.)
Hole ConstructionDual Layer
Hole DesignClosed Hole
# of Holes1 Hole
Lotion IncludedNo
Softness6 Softness
SimulationVaginal, Fantasy
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